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Get your influencer marketing game on.

Here's the low down on what you need to do to get your influencer marketing program started and who to tap.

This article is chock full of data and charts that you can use to persuade your c-suite.

What are you waiting for?

#influencermarketing   #contentmarketing   #socialmedia  

cc: +Lee Odden +Top Rank Marketing Group  +Traackr  +Jay Baer  +Gini Dietrich  +Andy Crestodina  +Edelman Digital  +Nielsen +Altimeter Group 

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Do you have these 5 holes in your 2016 Content Marketing?

1] Plan, create and use content across your company
2] Enhance existing content (AKA Plan content reuse)
3] Maintain your company blog as a corporate asset
4] Think beyond the content asset (AKA Support content ROI)
5] Schedule all content repromotion at the same time (Think beyond 1 month!)

#contentmarketing   #blog   #cmworld  

cc: +Michael Brenner +Marcus Sheridan  +Jason Miller +Lee Odden +Pat Flynn +HubSpot +Content Marketing Institute +LinkedIn 

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Your blog needs more love than you can give it.

Get the support it needs by tapping into these 5 types of people in your blog community. They can help you every step of the way.

Why go it alone???

+Pat Flynn +Andy Crestodina  +Peg Fitzpatrick +Rebekah Radice +Ashley Zeckman 

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Broaden your social media reach by using these 5 types of content:

#socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips   #contentmarketing  

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Looking to expand your content or blog offering?

Want to add structure your editorial calendar?

Then think like a newspaper or magazine editor and add recurring columns.

In addition to an on-going column, this article outlines 5 key types every content creator, blogger and marketing can use.

Examples from +Pat Flynn  +Mari Smith  +John Lee Dumas of EOFire  +Rand Fishkin  +Joe Pulizzi  +list25 +Rae Hoffman +Ann Shayne +Gini Dietrich +Robert Rose 

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Get ready to pump up your 2016 social media with these 3 tactics. They were recurring themes of #SMMW16  
1. Livecasting video
2. Self selecting customer buckets
3. Authenticity (can you believe we're still discussing this?)

Shout outs to: +Mari Smith  +Kim Garst  +Joel Comm +Michael Stelzner  +Phil Mershon  +Gary Vaynerchuk  +Shaan Puri  +Jon Loomer  +Darren Rowse  +Pat Flynn +Brian iSocialFanz Fanzo 


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You’re vying for your readers’ and customers’ time, focus and discretionary purchasing power. 

Due to the competition for audience attention, no one marketing approach alone can yield the optimal results to build your audience.


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Want to change your life? Are you doing the work you were meant to have? Read the Actionable Marketing Guide interview with +Chris Guillebeau

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Want to expand your content marketing efforts and improve your content ROI? 

Then read about how content curation joins the content marketing family. 

Details the 3 core elements for content curation in 2016:
Content curation needs strategy
Content curation supports content creation
Content curation supports content promotion

Includes tactics you can apply to your marketing with examples to show you how.

+Andy Crestodina  +Lee Odden +Jason Miller +Gini Dietrich +Peg Fitzpatrick +Ana Hoffman +Joe Pulizzi +Robin Good +Copyblogger +CoSchedule 

#contentmarketing   #contentcuration   #contentstrategy  

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Tips to enhance your customer relationships with content. #contentmarketing  
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