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Check out what author +Robbie Baxter has to say about the Membership Economy #book   #interview
In today’s business world, it takes more than a website to stay competitive. The smartest, most successful companies are using radically new membership models, subscription-based formats, and freemium pricing structures to grow their customer base—and explode their market valuation—in the most disruptive shift in business since the Industrial Revolution. This is The Membership Economy.
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What's your take on using content marketing versus native advertising? 

Charts and data included!

Which is better for your business: content marketing vs native advertising? Step by step comparison content marketing versus native advertising with charts.
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Heidi Cohen

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Seeking #Viral  nirvana? Check our interview with Contagious author +Jonah Berger

#wom   #book  
New York Times bestseller and named Best Marketing Book of 2014 by the American Marketing Association What makes things popular? Why do people talk about certain products and ideas more than others? Why are some stories and rumors more infectious? And what makes online content go viral? If you said advertising, think again. People don’t listen to advertisements, they listen to their peers. But why do people talk about certain products and ideas m...
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Need a plan for global content marketing? Get insights from +Pam Didner 

Global Content Marketing – Book Interview   #book #content cc @PamDidner

#Book #interview #contentmarketing
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How's your social media performing? Check out these 2015 Social Media Benchmarks 
cc      +Andy Crestodina  +Neil Patel  +HubSpot

#socialmedia   #metrics  
Want to measure your social media marketing? 2015 Social Media Benchmarks based on Hubspot research with charts and 10 tips to measure your social media.
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Hi +Heidi Cohen very interesting article. Last week I, as speaker, to a workshop at #SMAU (is the italian version of CES), I have explained to the participants how to use #socialnetworks. Especially I have explained how to manage time. First of all we must focus our attention through a communication plan. The frequency of posts is important, but within the same category, it is important to understand those who follow us...
If we understand the ROI of our post, we can also understand the frequency of posts. It is important to then abide by two rules:
1) law 80/20
2) also share the post that are not our
Best Regards from Venice (Italy)!
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Want to boost your business quickly? Follow these 7 social media lessons from #smmw15. Apply them regardless of business type. Leverage your existing power.
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Thanks for including me +Heidi Cohen :) 
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Want to augment your blog content? Then add the 5 most popular forms of blog content curation to increase your content and your reach. Examples included.
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Many thanks for including the epic list of content strategy resources, +Heidi Cohen!
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Can't figure out what to write about? Here are the ONLY 5 content marketing idea sources you'll ever need. 

+Kapost  +Ian Cleary 
Want to never run out of content marketing ideas? Here're the only 5 sources you'll ever need. Contains tips to brainstorm and fill your editorial calendar.
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Want to know what US teens are doing with smartphones and other connected devices on social media? 

Here's the data to show you. Includes charts.

#socialmedia #teens #mobile
Do you know what teens are doing on social media and what this means for your marketing? Here is the 2015 US teen social media use with charts to guide you.
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Heidi Cohen

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Want to extend your media usage (including owned, third party and social media)? 

Check out this definition of earned media with examples
Do you know what earned media is? Earned media defined by 7 attributes to help maximize your marketing and PR results. Includes examples.
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Peak behind the writing process:

Interview with +Mark Schaefer  regarding his newest book, The Content Code 

#book #interview #contentmarketing
A path-finding book exploring the six factors that will help you break through the overwhelming wall of information density to win at marketing now … beyond content, beyond social media, beyond web traffic and Search Engine Optimization. The Content Code starts where your current marketing plan ends, and provides the launch code for next-level success. The book dives deeply into the true value of social media marketing and the steps companies ne...
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Heidi Cohen

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Are you doing everything in your power to boost your #media   results for your #marketing  and #PR ?
4 Media Types Every Marketer and PR Professional Needs. Media is a key element of any marketing or PR plan.
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Actionable Marketer

Heidi Cohen is the president of Riverside Marketing Strategies, an interactive marketing consultancy. She has over 20 years' experience helping clients increase profitability by developing innovative marketing programs to acquire and retain customers based on solid analytics.

Since 2002, Heidi has been a member of the faculty of NYU's master of science in integrated marketing program, where she received NYU's Outstanding Service award. 

Heidi has written ClickZ’s Actionable Analysis column since 2004. In addition, she frequently writes on other marketing topics.

Heidi is also a popular speaker on current digital marketing topics.

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