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We are Swedes, and we talk tech!
We are Swedes, and we talk tech!

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Solitary Colaboration

What is human sociaty if not a collaboration between individuals? In this episode the All In IT Radio podcast take a look at all the different tools for cooperation that the world of IT has given us. Some work great, and others... not so great.

How do you choose what is right for your group, and are the biggest names on the list the best alternatives? Join +Kenneth Frantzen, +Henrik Sonnergård and +Robin Harming as they tackle this topic with their usual wit, thoroughness and lack of preperation.

So what do you use? Any clever uses of the tools we mentioned that we missed, or are there better tools that you've found? Let us know! Comment below, go to the webpage and leave a voicemail or tell us via social media.

We can also hear about how much Kenneth loves his +Chromebook from +ASUS. If you have not given this kind of device a second though before, now it is prime time to do so!

Go forth! Listen! Share! Tell a friend! Savor episode 0032!

#AIITR +Trello #Git +GitHub +Google Docs +Evernote #Doodle +Google Spaces #GoogleWave #LibreOffice

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Of Mice and Keys

The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!

And even though we are promised joy with the different ways to interact with our friend the computer, often we instead find ourselves with a lot of grief and pain.

In this episode of the All In IT Radio the crew are their own source of grief as they accidentaly travel to the farthest reaches of the universe, and therefore start to ponder how they interact with computers today, and how we all might do it in the future. Will the trinity of Monitor / Mouse / Keyboard still exist in 50 years? Or will we start interacting with stuff that doesn't exist?

Kenneth volunteers to try a DNI, even if it involves surgery. Is that a good or a bad idea? Join +Henrik Sonnergård, +Robin Harming and +Kenneth Frantzen in exploring these questions and more!

What do you think? Do you use any interesting way to interact with your computer? Can you think of some way to do so that we missed? Do you have any questions that we did not address? Let us know! Comment below, go to the webpage and leave a voicemail or tell us via social media.

Go! Listen! Share! Tell your friends! Enjoy episode 0031!

#AIITR #DNI #IO #Keyboard #Mouse #Monitor
#Dell #RAT #Logitech #Microsoft #Samsung  

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Mine Your Own Business!

For the first time in forever the whole crew of the All In IT Radio is gathered at the conference table. And this time +Henrik Sonnergård, +Robin Harming and +Kenneth Frantzen is joined by Joel Sundberg to dive in the the swamp of differentiation, greed and crime that we usually call economics. As usual we take a look at how our privacy and human rights are uphold or violated as our money turn from pie in the sky ideas to cloud realities.

Bitcoin has really scared the banks, more so than their own ineptitude in creating stable economies. So do we end up where we started, that it is better to keep your hard earned cash in you mattress? Or do we all hail the glorious new future where we all can watch money rain down from the cloud?

What do you think? Do you have any experience with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies that are out there? Do you have any questions that we did not address? Let us know! Comment below, go to the webpage and leave a voicemail or tell us via social media.

Go! Listen! Share! Tell your friends! Enjoy episode 0030!

#AIITR #Bitcoin #Dogecoin #Litecoin #Cryptocurrency #Money  

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Artificial Stupidity!

What does the human race do when they feel that they can not get enough arguing and disagreements with each other? Well they create computers that think, act and behave like they do, of course!

Stephen Hawking warns us that AI could be the end of the human race, and in this latest episode of the All In IT Radio, my co-host Joel Sundberg and I tackle this and other topics.

Do we need a body to think? Should cars be programmed to show morality? And what morals should we give them? Is emergent behaviour in complicated software close to the human intuition by now, or do our mechanical cousins still have a bit to go?

With Joel on the crew the conversation runs deep, so make sure you put your thinking cap on and join us in the discussion!

Go! Listen! Share! Tell your friends! Enjoy episode 0029!

#AIITR #AI #Clones #Robots #Asimov #Turing #Hawking  

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RSM 2015-05-16 

It is once more getting close to the big Retro Game Convention in Göteborg. You can see the wonderfully creative trailer below [Swedish is not required], or listen to one of my interviews from last year at +hpr

If you have the oportunity, get over there! Both +Henrik Sonnergård and +Kenneth Frantzen will be there, as well as John-Erik and others you might know from the extended All In IT Radio family.

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Another Musical Interlude

The time has come to party! Get down and jiggy with it, when Kenneth puts on his DJ cap and takes you on a musical journey through a present you might not know. These are artists who share their work under a Creative Commons license and therefore give you permission to download, listen and share their songs.

Free thought, free music, free culture, free beer. Well we can maybe not promise you that last one, but the rest is there for you to grab!

Go! Listen! Share! Tell your friends! Enjoy episode 0028!

#AIITR #PronoBozo #DaleChase #CreativeCommons #Podcast #JonathanCoulton #Music #FreeCulture  

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Baby, Who Can Drive Your Car?

Soon you will have to ask yourself that question. Who are you prepared to relinquish control over your vehicle to? Especially with you still in it.

The car manufacturers? The megacorporations? Google? Apple?

This time we take a good look at the state of the In Vehicle Infotainment market, where it is and where it will be.

Go! Listen! Share! And tell us your opinions and ideas!

#IVI #Tizen #Androidauto #Saab #Volvo #genivi #selfdrivingcars #AGL  

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A Man And His Box

Never come between a man and his box. Or perhaps you should intervene now, so he can go on with his life? In the latest instalment of the All In IT Radio questions like these are finally set straight.

Have you taken a critical look at your home entertainment system lately? What do you use, and what do you lack? Is it time to "cut the cord" and switch to only internet as entertainment provider? Or might a smart TV be the thing for you?

The crew discuss their own set-ups and how internet boxes like the Chromecast and the Boxee Box have changed and enabled their social gatherings.

Go! Listen! Share! Tell your friends! Enjoy episode 0026!

#AIITR #Podcast #Chromecast #Cordcutting #Homeentertainment #Boxee #XBMC #Kodi

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"One thing I think you should be aware of is a principle called 'Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default'!"

I hope you listened to episode #1542 of Hacker Public Radio (+hpr), where +Kenneth Frantzen visited the IT Solutions Expo 2014 and got an interview with the IT Lawyer Agnes Andersson Hammarstrand. She reveals what the future holds regarding privacy in EU law, and gives many good pointers that anyone who handles personal data should heed.

In two years time the law will become much more strict, so to avoid being fined, your company should have a look at their privacy policies right now! And who better to do it than you? Right?

So go and have a listen, then talk to your boss. :-)

  #PrivacyLaw #EU #IT #Privacy #Podcast

"Justice Gavel" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by toridawnrector

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We Are Swedes - And We Talk Tech!

Why did we ever think that Swedes talking tech in a podcast in English would be a good idea? Well, this map might show you one reason why it made sense. :-)
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