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We are all familiar with the saying “the best camera is the one that is with you” and nowadays, many are opting for the convenience of carrying and using their smartphones only to capture their moments. Statistics show an incredible …
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Carlito Mojica

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I wonder how many trucks/shotguns were sold
A Minnesota Ford dealership is hoping to entice customers with a unique give-a-way: Buy a pickup, get a shotgun. Anyone who wants a shotgun with his or her new truck must undergo the required background check.
A Ford dealership near Moorhead is hoping to entice customers with a unique give-a-way. Buy a pickup. Get a shotgun. Muscatell-Burns in Hawley is kicking off a two-week promotion that offers a shotgun for every new or 2013 pickup truck.
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how much money this gun.i need this gun
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Carlito Mojica

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Very nice!
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Carlito Mojica

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What a great shared post by +Jason Stum, content is excellent Mike Allton!
Are You Practicing the Seven Habits?

Last year I wrote about the behaviors and habits that I see some of most effective and influential Google+ users exhibiting. Do you remember them? (

1. Post Thoughtful Content
2. Share Other People's Content
3. Engage Other People
4. Mention Other People
5. Promote Other People
6. Consistent Activity
7. Profile Completeness

Now that it's been a while, how are you doing with these techniques? Have they become habits or are you still working on incorporating some of them into your daily routine?

Let's take a moment to review their importance while, again, drawing on the wisdom of Dr. Covey:

“Start with the end in mind."

What are your goals and objectives for Google+? I've mentioned before that if you're just here for fun, don't pay any attention to the advice that I'm giving! These aren't rules for personal use. But if you're here at least partially to develop a business or personal brand, or to grow personally or professionally, those desires should play a role in determining how you use the platform.

“To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.”

And nowhere is this more true than on Google+, right? How many of you starting using the network expecting the same kind of experience you'd had on Facebook? Rather, this platform has developed a very different culture and micro-society that thrives on discussion and engagement and interaction. Effective Google Plussers have recognized the shift, not only in usage but in perception, and have embraced it.

“Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do).”

So when we've determined our goals and come to a better understanding of both the nature and the benefits of the platform, we can begin to want to participate in a very passionate and informed way. And when we merge in Dr. Covey's 7th habit, "Sharpen the Saw” we can constantly be developing the skills and knowledge to make these kinds of behaviors habits.

Here, that means taking the time to read great posts, follow great people, and learn from them. Fortunately, that part is pretty easy. But it's a necessary first step! If you circle brilliant minds in your field of interest, your Google+ stream will be filled with wonderful commentary and ideas and information - the kind of material that begs to be shared. And as your interest and passion grows, you will be driven to jump into these discussions and mention these individuals you're forming relationships with and talk about them yourself.

These activities will become habits, and if done strategically, will ensure that your time spent on the platform is as effective and beneficial as possible.

To learn more about these habits, please review the original post:

And if you know others who are struggling with what to do on Google+ and how to really use it to benefit themselves or their business, won't you share this post with them?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Thanks for reading.

#GooglePlus  #GooglePlusTips #SocialMedia #Business 
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Carlito Mojica

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Don't be limited to your mobile phone for vine videos. +Jason Stum  shares how to expand your Vine selection with custom videos.
Call me crazy – but it seems people really, really, really want to use Vine in a way the develope...
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Thanks for sharing homie :)
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Carlito Mojica

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Great info on #autobackup
Google+ Photos Tip: 3 easy steps to search Auto Backup on the Google+ Photos App

So you’ve snapped pictures of deep-fried turkey and the fall foliage last week, and you want to make sure your memories have been backed up. 

Follow these three easy steps to finding your Auto Backup photos and videos:

1) Launch the Google+ Photos App, and in the search bar, type “#autobackup”. 
2) This search brings up all of your backed up photos and videos. 
3) You can confirm which photos and videos are backed up by the cloud icon on the bottom-right corner of each image: if there is a check mark inside the cloud icon, it is backed up, and if the cloud is empty, it has not been backed up.

Keep in mind that if a photo or video is backed up, you can delete it from your phone’s local storage/app and it will still be available on the Google+ Photos app. A photo or video you’ve deleted from local storage may not show in the Camera section of the Google+ Photos app, but search #autobackup in the app to find the back up.

And with backup comes Auto Awesomes!

Backing up your photos to Google+ allows you to create Auto Awesome photos and movies automatically. Auto Awesomes created from your backed up photos or videos will have a sunburst icon in the top right corner of the photo or video. You can easily find all your Auto Awesomes by searching for #AutoAwesome in Photos search. To learn more about Auto Awesomes, go here:

Auto Awesome photos and movies, like our very own Thanskgiving-inspired ones we’re sharing with this post, are among the most interesting and quirky holiday memories to share.

#Google+ #GooglePhotosTip #BestHelpOnTheWeb 
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Carlito Mojica

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Once you're in, share the custom link and your friends can help you get closer to that ink!
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Carlito Mojica

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9mm Shield and FS #brothers
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Tee Jay
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So proud of our BDC.
Yup, it's been one of those days ;)
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Carlito Mojica

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On standby. I'm not paranoid. I'm prepared. Don't tread on me. #americanpride
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You're welcome! 
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Carlito Mojica

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Announced today!  Ends January 2nd. Thanks +Jason Stum for supplying the details.
The GM Employee Discount for Friends Program now allows active salaried employees and salaried retirees to share their GM Employee Discount with two additional friends, neighbors or family members who are not already eligible for the employee discount.
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Carlito Mojica

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Drive and Retain Digital Traffic
Business Development, Traditional and Digital Marketing, Process Management, Automotive Sales
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Marketing Director. Student of life. Practitioner of strategy. Sucker to social media. Welcome to my world.
I'm very interested in connecting with meaningful content drivers and broadcasters for Automotive, Leadership, Social and Marketing. I'm the Marketing at the LaFontaine Automotive Group (  Never complacent and always cautiously progressive.
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Married, Father of 4 kids. Soccer Coach & Outdoor and Firearms Enthusiast.
  • Oakland University
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