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The . 5 is back and the Geeks give you their thoughts on the winter finales of all of your favorite comic book TV shows and their thoughts of what's coming up. They also say a fond farewell to the latest Spider-Man cartoon. Tune in and GEEK OUT!

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ATTENTION! The Geek Chat has returned! Yes folks, the Geeks are back with more number 1's and even more geeky goodness! First they give love to the solo issues for The Atom and Vixen as this is the beginning of the rebirth of the Justice League of America. They also have a few harsh words for the ending of Civil War and onset of "Event Fatigue". Tune in and GEEK OUT!

The Atom #1
Vixen #1
Ninjak #23
The Deep #1
The Mighty Thor #15
Spider-Man #12
Inhumans vs X-Men #2
Detective Comics #948

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The aliens are coming, the aliens are coming!! And Rich and Desmond review the shows that they invade! Spoiler Alert: It was awesome! But what else did the geeks think about the 4 night crossover episodes? Tune in and GEEK OUT!

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Hey Geeks! This is the last episode of the 5th season and we go out with a bang! The geeks review a ton of new number ones. They also review the final issue of The Death of X and the zero issue of Inhumans vs X-Men. We have A LOT to talk about! They also give some love for the first new annuals from DC's rebirth. The Geek Chat will return in mid January but never fear they will have a winter series so you won't lose any of the geeky comic book reviews.

Nugget Reviews:
Mask #1
Thunderbolts #7
The Ultimates 2 #1
Great Lakes Avengers #2
The Prowler #2

Regular Reviews:
No Angel #1
Death of X #4
Batman Annual #1
Teen Titans #2
Ms. Marvel #13
Superman Annual #1
Inhuman vs X-Men #0

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Hey all you Geeks out there! The Chat's back with more #1's and a few indies that you should check out. We also chat about some ongoing books that you might want to look into. It's also a banner week as both Desmond and Rich agree on the nuggets...WHAT!? Tune in and GEEK OUT!

Nugget Reviews:
Invincible #131
Doctor Strange #14
The Amazing Spider-Man #21
Spider-Man #9

Regular Reviews:
Superman #11
Sam Wilson Captain America #15
Harbinger Renegades #1
Thanos #1
Black Panther #8
Reborn #2

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Hey all, the Geeks are back with more reviews of the CW shows but as always no Gotham. The CW shows are really knocking it out of the park. Tune in and GEEK OUT!

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Hi all you Geeks out there! Welcome to another installment of the Geek Chat. The Geeks give love to a bunch of new #1's as well as catch up with some other books you should check out and others you might want to pass on. The nuggets portion has also been revamped. So tune in and GEEK OUT!

Detective Comics #944
My Hero Academia Vol. 6
Red Hood and the Outlaw #4

Regular Reviews:
Mega Princess #1
Invincible Iron Man #1
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #8
Mother Panic #1
Violent Love #1
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1

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The Geeks are back to talk about all things superhero cartoons, movies and television. They also get into news and gossip about up coming cartoons that you should be watching and getting excited for. So much to talk about, so little time. Tune in and GEEK OUT!

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All NEW! - The Geeks are back! We have a ton of new nuggets that are a few books from 2 weeks ago and bunch of new reviews for last week! We have a lot of books from indie comic creators. But we don't forget about the big two so we have stuff for everybody! Tune in and GEEK OUT!

Birthright #20
Superman #10
Dr. Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1
Ms. Marvel #12
Teen Titans #1
All New, All Different Avengers #15

Regular Reviews:
Motor Girl #1
The Unworthy Thor #1
Motro #1
Avengers #1
Mayday #1
Foolkiller #1
Faith #5
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