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Alexander Czernay
web analyst // ecommerce ninja // epicure // hacker
web analyst // ecommerce ninja // epicure // hacker

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Want to understand the contemporary art world? Check this out:

#art   #contemporaryart   #planetart  

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Recommendation for a selection of wines and Italian tapas. Super nice atmosphere and personnel. 

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I always refrained from getting a big-sized smartphone (phablet). I was looking for a new iPad for reading again, to accompany my iPhone.

Now I'm thinking about the new iPhone 6 plus to be both in one device. Still not sure if the size is convenient for everyday use. Especially as I tend to carry my phone in my pocket all day long.

Any ideas on that? 

When I moved my domain to Google Apps, my Google+ account was moved to email [my name].recovered@[my domain]. A new account with email [my name]@[my domain] was created and all existing Google+ data was said to be moved over within 7 days (that never happened).

Now I want to delete that old .recover account. Whenever I try this in account settings, I get a 500 from Google's servers.

Any ideas what to do? I just want that account deleted…

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Today a #bee found the herbs on my balcony and spent some time harvesting them. That gave me time for a couple of shots. :)

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Fantastic! One can hardly believe those have been created without a camera. Evolution in #CGI has come a long way – unbelievable how soon it got this far.
This image below is not a photo -- it's actually a 3D rendering. Check out our collection of some of the most realistic 3D renderings ever created:

Which is your favorite?

#3drenderings   #art   #realistic  

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This story about a wearable patch keeping #mosquitos away sounds interesting. I couldn't find much more in-depth reporting on this, so I wonder if anyone can comment on this as a possible alternative to DEET.

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Etwas gutes hat #Prism ja, endlich füllt sich die Liste der Kontakte in #Threema. Ob wohl bald auch alle einen S/MIME- oder PGP-Schlüssel haben?

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Just found this #tedtalk  that +Matt Cutts held in 2011. It sounds intriguingly easy to do it. Will try it. Let's see were it leads.
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