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Financial Social Media
Social Media services for the financial & insurance industries.
Social Media services for the financial & insurance industries.

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Social Media is Dead!

(Or version 1.0 is anyways.)

But don't worry... This is an exciting time to be in marketing. Social media has evolved from “nice to have” to “can’t live without,” serving as the primary distribution channel for content marketing.

With change comes opportunity, and the opportunity is limitless.
And with this evolution it’s time for Financial Social Media to evolve as well. 

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Two expert teams – One bold approach.

Learn about how the expertise & experience found at Financial Social Media will live on at +Moore Communications Group!  

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We are excited to announce that Financial Social Media has officially been acquired by +Moore Communications Group!

For over 20 years, Moore Communications Group has been known for its ability to help clients achieve a new level of business success, and now FSM president, Amy McIlwain, will bring her knowledge and expertise of the financial sector to MCG. Learn more about how our expert teams are joining forces:

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Great tips from Hubspot on blog writing -- "How to Write a Blog Post: A Simple Formula to Follow"

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Your email contacts are your most valuable marketing list... Here's how an advisory firms can convert social media connections to email contacts, what you should do once you have the list, and how to maintain this list. 

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The Future for Financial Advisors and Social Media: Paid Content Promotion
I have seen the future for advisors and social media, and I’m here to tell you that it will be a paid-content world. Sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook started out with purely organic content written by people to entertain and inform their social media networks, and those audiences would reward them by liking them. But now and in the future, we will all see more paid content as businesses sponsor online posts in social media news feeds.

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Financial Advisors, Release Your Content Powerhouse

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Avoid Being Punished by Facebook's Algorithm Update, Coming Jan. 2015!

Learn more in this week's blog post:

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The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015

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How To Grow Your Email Marketing List

By now we should all know how important an email list is. Despite all the new fangled ways to communicate and keep in touch, the simple, mild-mannered email still continues to dominate the field. 

As an advisor, email is one of the best ways to engage prospective clients, build their trust, and turn them into current clients to stay in contact with.

And a robust email list makes this worth the effort. So how do you build one?
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