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Getting that late summertime feel....

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A little writing this cold, snowy winter morning....

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All that is Unsolved in the Heart
All that is unsolved in the heart,
sits locked up and waiting like a little child who sits and waits for the
school bus to take her to new learning adventures. Like the earth we hold all the
burdens and flubs that human kind can dish out over centuries yet ...

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A little writing this morning...

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Quiet Our Wants Quiet our wants….hmmm. Sort of like when you were little and
someone would look and say ‘shhhhhh!’ That surfacing of desire and feelings
quickly dampened by a cold look or inconsiderate ‘shhhh.’ I’ve spent a good
chunk of this life trying to...

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Thoughts on a wonderful yesterday....

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In the Balance...'look deep into your heart and remember what is real, it's where the answer lies and tells you what is real'...enjoy....

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Sharing some thoughts on a beautiful May morning...

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Intricacy vs. Debris
Last night, the stars and I, waited for a meteor shower never
seen before, from a comet that existed way before we were on the earth. ‘Debris’
doesn’t seem like the best word to describe an event so intricate. You need a
perfect word for these miraculous pa...

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Slow down, snow is falling...Winter's gift to us...stay warm and cozy!
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