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5 Top Tips for keeping your car clean....

Many of us spend a lot of time in our cars and inevitably however careful we are, the interiors such as the seats and console areas will become dirty from a variety of spills and stains, left over sweet wrappers and more besides.

By keeping your car clean, it will not only look great but maintain its’ resale value. So here are our top tips for a smart car whether you own a Ferrari or a Fiat.

1. Keep it clean - always. By removing any rubbish straight away you will ensure your motor doesn’t become a mess. Every time you leave the car, take something out.

2. Wash the car regularly. Whether you hand or jet wash, or take to a car wash, this helps the car to retain its’ sparkle and removes dirt or grime from the bodywork.

3. Leave a bag for rubbish in the car. It’s so simple, but it works.. providing a home for wrappers and other items which fall between the seats and create a mess.

4. Clean up messes quickly. If you leave them too long, stains will be more difficult to remove. Maybe leave a clean cloth in the car, just in case to mop up.

5. Wax it occasionally. Waxing your car occasionally makes washing it the next time easier.

There we have it … five suggestions on how to retain a clean and tidy car. Do you have any more tips to add?

Contact us on 04 93 75 10 84 (Out of Hours Emergency Only 04 93 75 38 83) for further information. We service vehicles for all makes and models and are always happy to help.
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Violent storms a reminder on how to keep safe on the road…

The violent storms which have swept the Riviera in recent days are a tragic reminder how unpredictable our weather can be, even here on the Cotes d’Azur. Many lives were sadly lost, homes badly damaged and even cars were washed out to sea. 

Of course, we can’t protect you against nature’s worst… but we can help to prepare your car for adverse weather conditions with our maintenance and repairs service and come to your aid with our recovery vehicles when you are in need. 

We have computer diagnostics for most vehicles and we can service all makes of car. Our aim at all times is to give you value for money by carrying out any necessary repairs and advising our clients of what work needs to be done… with no expensive surprises.  

Here at Mechanic06 we are proud of our state of the art 3D four wheel alignment equipment – so if your car needs new tyres we can supply and fit, carrying out wheel balancing as well as checking the geometry of the vehicle. 
Nowadays although regular servicing cars are much more reliable than in the past, sometimes things do go wrong… In the event of a breakdown or emergency, our Roadside Assistance and Out of Hours Assistance services is there to help 24 hours a day – with both English and French speakers part of our team.  

Call us on 04 93 75 10 84 for more info or for Out of Hours Emergency Only 04 93 75 38 83.

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