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1865 - 1877  The time after the War between the States when military rule was in effect in the Southern states.  I always think of the movie the "Outlaw Josey Wales" when the Confederate Commander, Fletcher, surrenders his troops to the Northern Senator and...

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Conduct Of The War
In this segment of my postings on the War between the States, I will post David's synopsis of the actual conduct of the war.  In particular, the role that Abraham Lincoln played in directing the actions of the Army of the North.  We all have our own ideas a...

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And Then There was Slavery.
We have come to the final component in the list of reasons that are proffered defending the necessity for Lincoln and his Federal army to invade the Southern states.  I hope you have enjoyed this foray into un-sanitized history.  I also hope that along with...

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Abraham Lincoln
These photos are alleged to be Abraham Lincoln before and after the Civil War.  Who was Mr. Lincoln and, was he a noble hero, or an opportunistic politician?  As always, I ask you to decide for yourself.  We cannot judge using our paradigm.  We have been ex...

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Let's Talk
We are now in a serious situation in regards to our freedom of speech and expression in this country.  If you are not an ardent supporter of the unsupported liberal bias on any given subject, you may be told that you cannot air your differences without reco...

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     ARMADILLO Plated ‘possum. Ancient life form. You jump up when you should run. Couldn’t see that semi coming, now lie baking in the sun. Dennis Price

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Cowboys at Dusk
COWBOYS High atop the mesa cowboys sit in restful pose and watch the sun slide down the western sky. Purple, pink, golden hues bathe bleak and rugged scenes in ever changing show from dusk to night. In saddles, worn. On ponies, tired. They sit in awe as sta...

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A sudden realization about the meaning of something. No. It’s
the rising sun blasting
through the frosted glass
on the east wall of my bedroom. I
can feel it. I
move slowly and take in the
aroma of coffee as
it rides the currents from
my kitchen. ...

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Stars in the City
In the city, the light from the street lamps and buildings often obscures the stars and moon.  This Haiku was written on that subject. Above the street lights the muted dome stands silent beauty rarely seen.

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Several years ago, Barbara and I went to Alaska.  While there we saw several sites where totem poles were displayed.  It is an ancient way of recording the family history of mostly Northwestern Native Americans.  I found the explanations interesting, but mo...
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