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I've been fixing what I call "silly putty code" on a client's site for what feels like weeks.  ( Looks good until it gets touched, at which point it melts down. ) Head slammed into desk a few times. If I'd known from the start, I'd have recommended a rebuild from scratch. Whoever designed the site repeatedly attempted to reinvent the wheel using dodecahedrons and triangles. Sorry for mixing metaphors. I need sleep.

I have to say, I was the first anti-yolo-er. That phrase is somehow able to turn tempus fugit, carpe diem and whatevs into a mashup of reckless idiocy...

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#wp10 reminds me I've been working with Wordpress for over nine years! Holy snap. I wasn't a first adopter, but I'd been making WP sites for over a year by the time I created my first support ticket... An apparently that was in Oct 2005. So I'm going for Feb 2004? Not too shabby, no? Here's my WP profile.

Dedicated IP Shortage update: I'm now on day three of waiting for an available IP at my hosting company for my client's new paid SSL. We are willing to throw money at it, but can't. We're stymied. Is anyone else running into this?

Google Plus share box = yet another place to accidentally share with the world your search preferences. One of my acquaintances "shared" his search accidentally, and now I know his taste in nude actresses.

So glad the madness is over. Now Christmas can take over my ad space. I actually welcome it this year for the first time -  after a Halloween of disturbing imagery on during daytime hours, followed immediately by a red white and blue whirlwind.

There was a significant drop in rankings for one client on a site with a steady and consistent ranking, and the only change was cancelling his long-standing YAHOO directory listing. He is quite certain that the one caused the other. Any thoughts?

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Here I am as an acid-washed jeans wearing kid.

For the record: moving sites does not always mean you need a replacement SSL certificate. You CAN transfer from server to server, it just requires deep access and a lot of know-how. It just isn't worth the time and trouble unless you're paying for a green-bar cert.

Wow. There is a BIG storm in one direction and a beautiful sunshiney day on the lake in the other... I'd take pictures to show you the two extremes, but my camera just went fritz.
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