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Oncologiavet “Veterinary Oncology” - Oncología Veterinaria

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Inmunoterapia La inmunoterapia se define como una forma de terapia biológica que utiliza
sustancias para activar o inhibir el sistema inmunitario   ( término preferido
académicamente) para ayudar al cuerpo a erradicar el cáncer. El sistema
inmunitario puede...

Discouraging results about Aratana's monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) for canine lymphoma, AT-004 (anti-CD20) and AT-005 (anti-CD52)

AT-005 (anti-CD52 mAb) does not seem to be adding significant progression free survival in canine T-cell lymphoma

Recent studies suggest that AT-004 (anti-CD20 mAb) and AT-005 (anti-CD52 mAb) are not as specific to the targets as expected

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Estimating the financial return on a veterinary education

The results of this model suggest that the net present value (NPV) and return on investment (ROI) of obtaining a veterinary degree are currently quite low

This raises important questions about why we haven’t seen a substantial decrease in the number of students apply for veterinary college admission

Do applicants have access to this information?

Do they understand what these results mean?

Are the intangible benefits of becoming a veterinarian so large that applicants are willing to overlook the low financial return?

Is there a public value to veterinary services that is not reflected in veterinary compensation?

Crosstalk of carcinoembryonic antigen and transforming growth factor-β via their receptors: comparing human and canine cancer

Dogs may be valid translational model patients for investigating the crosstalk of the interconnected CEA and TGF-β networks

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Neoplasias (Tumores) en bazo Las lesiones benignas en el bazo mas comunes en
perros son la hiperplasia nodular y hematoma, abarcando entre el 20–41% de
todas las lesiones de bazo. En estos casos, debido a que son lesiones
benignas, la cirugía (esplenectomía...

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Pruebas específicas para el diagnóstico de linfoma y neoplasia linfoproliferativas
específicas para el diagnóstico de linfoma y neoplasia linfoproliferativas Como
antes fue mencionado, el diagnóstico de linfoma por lo general puede ser realizado mediante la citología a partir de un aspirado con aguja de los
nódulos linfáticos u ot...

The origin of tenascin-C (Tn-C) in canine mammary carcinomas differs between low- and high-grade malignancies

Canine lymphoma as a comparative model for human non-Hodgkin lymphoma: recent progress and applications

Dogs represent exceptional models for defining causality, understanding progression, and developing new treatments for human lymphoma

CD44 in canine leukemia: analysis of mRNA and protein expression in peripheral blood
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