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It looks like it is going to be a beautiful summer this year. Let J.E.I. Metallurgical handle all your failure analysis needs so you can get out and spend some time in the sun! We specialize in any and every kind of metal failure out there; fatigue, overload, corrosion, and material defects are just some of the kinds of failures we work on every day. On top of getting quality, proven results from testing, J.E.I. is also experienced in the litigation process, providing expert witness testimony we are here for your aid and to answer all your metal questions.
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We pride ourselves in quality work and proven results. We can handle all of your metallurgical needs. We specialize in: 
•Metallurgical Failure Analysis
•Oil Field Failure Analysis
•Corrosion and Material Failure Analysis
•Metallurgical Engineering
•Industrial Equipment Failure Analysis
•Mechanical-Design Testing
•Welding and Weldment Failure Analysis
•Fire and Explosion Evaluation
•Litigation Support and Consulting
•Product Liability Evaluation
•Metallurgical Expert Witness Testimony
•Metallurgical Failure Analysis
•Metallurgical Engineering Accident Investigation
•On-Site Accident Investigation
•Forensic Macro/Micro Photographic Documentation
•Accident Reconstruction
•Digital Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy and much more…

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Before heading out on the road this holiday season, be sure to inspect your vehicle and especially your vehicle wheels!  When wheels fail and separate from a vehicle, serious accidents and injury may result, or if the errant wheel strikes a person, another vehicle or other physical property, property damage, personal injury or even death may occur.

Wheels are involved in accidents for a variety of reasons. J.E.I. Metallurgical has investigated several wheel accidents caused by:

Over or under torquing of the wheel nuts, which resulted in clamping failures,
Failure or unthreading of the axle nut and loss of the wheel, 
Failure of a wheel bearing and loss of the wheel or wheels,
User abuse or misuse, or 
Metallurgical or manufacturing defects.
Be safe this holiday season and thoroughly inspect your entire vehicle before your trip!  
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Metallurgists can help you find the true root cause of your metal failure. Physical examination, destructive and non-destructive testing or other metallurgical testing of a metal failure can be tangible documentation that could help strengthen your case. At J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc., these findings will be explained in a factual report or given as expert witness testimony by Dr. R. Craig Jerner.  Have you ever dealt with an accident involving metal? Have you ever needed help piecing the accident puzzle back together and determining the root cause?   
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Does your case involve broken metal? Need a metal expert? Metallurgical engineers, also known as metallurgists are highly qualified in this area of study.  We at J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc., can help you find the root cause of an accident involving metal.  We can explain how metal reacts to stress.  Why metal fatigued and how the fatigue developed, whether it is design or manufacturing deficiency, poor maintenance, abusive handling or an actual problem with the type of metal used,  which are all problems when it comes to metal failures.  Metallurgists can read the metal, and tell you the type of failure, where and why it started, and sometimes, how long it took to fail.  
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