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Simon McNair
I.T. Consultant, Linux enthusiast
I.T. Consultant, Linux enthusiast

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A metaphor for life
I've been thinking about life and trying to explain how it works to my children.  This is the end result: Imagine that life is like an endless ocean.  On some days it is calm, some choppy, and some stormy. When you're born you're like a dinghy, being thrown...

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Makes you think... 

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Being polite costs nothing except a couple of words and a few seconds of time. Be the difference... 
As my parents taught me, saying #ThankYou takes half a second but can make all the difference:

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Wow. Bad work +Samsung USA+Samsung Support USA​
Woke up today with completely trashed filesystem on desktop. Spending Birthday re-installing... Thanks Samsung - (A bug in their recent SSD firmware for 840 evo)
"As Linux is open source and can be modified by anyone, we do not support Linux. We advise users to disable Queued TRIM in Linux, as doing so will allow Sequential TRIM to run in the OS. .... and have a good day"
Will be my last Samsung SSD bought that's for sure - the firmware update was to workaround another issue with performance degradation... :/

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I've been married for nearly 15 years. Every time we have an argument I want to blame marriage.  But I'm wrong.  Marriage is, in reality, only a legal binding of two people.  It puts no onus on anyone to work together, see the other persons point of view.  ...

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Moving from a Hard disk to a SSD (Solid State Drive)
First things first, Do you need an SSD ? If you're reading this post I assume you've got one and the decision has already been made.  If you don't have one the decision making criteria is a little different but equally simple.  It's like the difference betw...

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To LOCA or not to LOCA
I recently broke the screen on my Samsung Galaxy S3.  I paid £60 to have it repaired by a guy at the local market. To clarify at this point it was only the glass that was broken, not the digitiser.  This means, to the layman, that although the glass was bro...
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