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Sayantan Datta
Foodie, Engineer, Hyderabadi!
Foodie, Engineer, Hyderabadi!

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amazing tabla :D #GOT

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too many tabs

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inspiring work :D
spooky shadow - does photography reveal past lives? (cue eerie music) This handsome animal appears to cast a human shadow in this image. Fact or fiction?  Its all about where you stand I guess. I can't guarantee you will  reveal your own past life but I can promise great photography on the Jan 2016 Photo workshop I am co-leading with Manjit Singh Hoonjan and maybe increased confidence in where you stand. Enrolment opens  soon. Join the mail list here.…/  ©Robert van Koesveld Photography #RvK   #phototour   #India   #kolkata   #streetphotography  

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a few ol' memories :D
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