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OMG! Google Glass!!!

Just got word our game passed vertical slice! BOOM!!! 

Been a while Google+, i don't even recognize this page layout!!!

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Just tried this on iPad 2 (I have a Galaxy S2 hence the video). REALLY nice! I'm honestly surprised at how well it plays. I'm no fan of touch screen controllers but it felt quite good. Saying that I still think the controls could be improved (e.g. analogue slider for steering rather then digital buttons) but it's not too bad :) this may be an early Christmas present to myself :p

Been away for a while. Wishin I hadn't Google+ is full of great stuff!

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MoVember is about to start. I'm in this year with the chaps from work. Gonna be fun :)

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Another lovely looking Kinect game from DoubleFine. The background subtraction is REALLY nice, very subtle but adds alot.

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Porting games to the C64 seems to be getting quite popular these days. VVV VVV and Canbalt are/have been ported recently and now this. I think the thing that surprises me is that people spend the time learning the tricks to make games on old hardware. With limited memory and processor power there must be all sorts of tricks that are needed to make a fun solid game. bla bla bla

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I really like this.
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