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Album: Dark Matter [ALBUM]
Track: 1 of 3
Title: Subspace
Artist: Lustmord
Label: Touch
Cat#: TO102
Formats: CD Album/Digital
Digital Release: 30th September 2016
Physical Release: 30th September 2016

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For more on the The Inner Devil or to download this album visit the artists bandcamp site

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Previews from the new ▲NGST vinyl release out now on Altar Records. Limited to 100 copies.

Tomorrow/Unconcious Machines

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Been wanting to do this mix for a while!!

Track list:

Catscan - Enemy on the run
The Blaster - War is coming man
DJ Bike - Bike’s drum
Pilldriver - Pitch hiker
Lekker Sindicat - Space madness
Dr. Macabre - Hardcore basic
Catscan - WO III (remastered)
Manu Kenton - Manu Kenton xxl
Armageddon Project - Church of the pentagram
Project Omeaga - Prednison attack
Negative A - Fuck it!
Traffik - Incriminating evidence (2013 remaster)
DJ Bike vs The Destroyer - Gabber fight
Frazzbass - 909 Distortions

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Finally got round to doing a Part 2 of Orc Music. Same again, I imagined Orc's marching to war, they've now left Mordor! ;) Dark, marching and driving..


DR.PAUL - I am Despair (AnTraxid Remix)
AnTraxid - Charlie's Wize (Unbalance Of Life)
The Peoples Republic of Europe - Obedience
Dep Affect - Feel The Fire
[KRTM] - Baldboy
AnTraxid - Marsh Of The Dead
AnTraxid - Sinister Mind
Armageddon Project - Scorn Of A Dying Glare
DJ Sim - Simbiosis (Original Mix)
AnTraxid - Man On A Mission
Menace II Society - Chronic Disorder
Catscan - The Agency
Densha Crisis - Disfunctional Pattern
[KRTM] - Guy On Laughing Out Loud (Old School Mix)
Embrionyc - When The Hate Starts To Change The World
Rude Awakening - The Ritual

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About the show
Playing tracks by

Desolation, Naos, Xaero, Mel Agony, Antraxid .


1.CRPTC - Midnight Transmissions (Traumatic)

2.Naos - One way trip (Traumatic)

3.Antraxid - Charlie's Wize (Traumatic)

4.Xaero & Mel Agony - Endless Night (Traumatic)

5.Xaero - End of Days (Traumatic)

5.CRPTC - Spiral of Anger (Traumatic)

6.XKRi - Beyond the Frontline (Traumatic)

7.Antraxid - I am ... (Traumatic)

8.XKRi - Sinister Preacher (GIF Records)

9.Desolation - Payback Time (TPROE remix) (Traumatic)

10.XKRi - The Power (Traumatic)

11.Antraxid - Der Zweiffer (Traumatic)

12.Desolation - Illusions (Traumatic)

13.XKRi - From Hell to Satter (GIF Records)

14.Ybrid - Mogwaï (intro) (Traumatic)

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