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Great idea for a vid - thanks for sharing Ashton :)
me and my friends......we do that like everyday...
Loving the high speed camera work.
Do a Live Hangout Now Ashton!! Try one!! Green button on Right of Stream!! Click It! Click It!!! Plzzzzzzz!
It would be better if they were naked!
So glad I went for the upgrade 26" high res monitor.
OK... the song and video are SIC!
I kept hoping the Kutch to run through the middle of the models frolicking like a school boy with a silly grin.
Watch, in 10 years, we're going to discover that whatever they're throwing was toxic upon inhalation and this will be an educational video.

And a cool one, at that.
WOW like indian festival holi( the color festival)
This is what they do in India for Holi! Bad ass video.
I would hate to breathe that pigment
Anyone know the artist / song playing?
Just like Chappelle said, "everything looks better in slow motion".
Reminds me of An Idiot Abroad. Gotta love Gervais
Like the color festival in India!!
Artistic, beautiful, svelte on so many levels. Really interesting video concept.
The song is Colours by Calvin Harris
Interesting video - +Ashton Kutcher, I'm having a hard time believing you only have 25 people in your circles, non of my business I guess but, is +Robert Scoble that noisy that you need no one else? :P - I'm just curious I guess...
Cool stuff. So you ever gonna punk anybody soon? That show was boss.
very interesting indeed.
india's holi festival meet california ;)
Awesome video. Song is standard fare.
if itwasn´t for something else (which is not revealed yet) it could well be a spot for Sony (Like.No.Other.)
you da man. Looking forward to seeing you on the new 2 1/2 men.
Sure the musics great :) but who wouldn't want a rainbow thrown in their faces. Whisper Psst that was lead paint hehheh. :P
Warp speed camera's are awesome...
I don't think anyone has ever done this before...
you should see indian on the day of holi just search holi btw gr8 music
and that's exactly how you play "Holi" in India.
I just want to be Colourforniad with them!
Reminded me of Indian Color festival, Holi. Great video...
yeap me too loved buy what's that yeap color but? paint ? sand?:s
I had no idea what that vid was about
So your doing a run on two and a half men. How are those episodes turning out?
I am sooo into paintin up that way!
It's art in motion! Love it! Thanks for sharing.
Thank ya Ashton. Kinda funny n creative - a colorful cat fight.
K Wud
Nice! I want to have the photoshoot to this video!
the photo reminds me of that time Bill killed Long Shadow to save Sookie
I'm sure printer toner is healthy to breath in
Great video-song isn't too good, so I'm listening to My Morning Jacket-works better.
there is definitely something sexy about it..
J Wylie
I can totally rage to this, thanks for the share bro, that's pretty chill.
I wonder what they are using that comes in so many colors - great effect!
Its like Holi (the cultural festival of Colours) of India
This is an amazing video. I'm wondering if the paint was digital or if the women were really throwing it.
Si hubiera sido hacia una pared seria "ARTE"? muy Bueno!
Regina Spektor's Fidelity was not the first to use colored chalk. It's been done many, many, times in photography and video. It's how you use it that counts!
Totally agree! This is a colourful banging video..
Reminds me of the Holi - India's Festival of Colors. There is nothing new under the sun. ;)
Looks like someone is trying to bring 'Holi' to the west...
i've got the same styling - !every morning! before i go to work..
so funny i should try dat hahahahahahahahahahaha funny
it's cool man... Slow Motion Camera ftw.
i luv throwing paint so this is cool its a paster piece in human form in my eyes.
hey you are the alsome person and me and my frindes gave echother guys names and mine is aston
that was strangely awesome...:)
hehe.. that is a cool video.
Será que foi assim que criou-se o arcoíris?
Kinda curious,how old are you? 33ish?
Oi mate remember tha time when you added me in your circle, that time is now
Nup no banging in it.  I was a little disappointed but it's ok I still care about you.
I want to play that! So colourful! :D
hello, you're one of the men most beautiful I've ever seen. very beautiful kisses
I agree with Bobbie Roberts but they should at least be shirtless
Colorful things are needed in our lives, they make us feel more alive.
stupid video , keep advertising the ppl that close to you 
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