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fact: iPhone fails to work after diving in pool with iPhone in pocket. first company to make waterproof smartphone wins!
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yeah, woulda saved me about 3 phones by now
have an iTouch that recovered from trip through washer after drying out
Joey Izzo
Motorola defy. Not. Great phone but waterproof and Android. 
put it in a bag of rice for a day.. might work again
1+ for waterproof iPhone case
Maybe the secret lies in swimming with no cell phones...
+Ashton Kutcher put it in the dryer vent. Mine took a spill after I went canoeing...fixed itself up just fine!
u mean 'pocketproof' right?
$199 at the Apple store and they will issue you a new one!
that user agreement you clicked past clearly said "no diving in pool"
I'm waiting very anxiously to be able to take underwater pics with a mobile phone cam very soon indeed
Also fails if you accidentally drop it off of your boat.
the rice bag trick only works it the phone was off when it went in the water. find Justin Long he prolly has a grip of iphones from doing all the mac vs windows commercials.
Ziplock is your friend!
+Ashton Kutcher nah, thats just because the rice doesn't do anything to dry inside the phone. you just dont want high dryer vent heat or it could fry the thing. Mine was sloshing with water and only bluetooth worked at first. Over time things started working again. I suppose its worth a shot - at least to get pics and stuff off if you need to!
No pocket in the swimming trunk, right?
@Mike-Ziploc sometimes fails too, mine did! LOL Next time, get an OtterBox for it.
My phone + Maui pool = no bueno
I think GoreTex needs to partner with Otterbox
A company called Golden Shellback did this for devices back in '08. Don't know where the tech is at now though. Remember reading it on Gizmodo awhile back.
Dropped mine into a bath full of water, then I emptied the phone and put it in front of a heater for a couple of hours, good as new :)
+Ashton Kutcher Just get a waterproof watch-phone... It's efficient, and you can go swimming with it! They're really swell...
For those who are reading this thread, Ashton did something most of us may not know - how to spot a drowning victim. Drowning is not the violent, splashing, call for help that most people expect. There is very little splashing, no waving, and no yelling or calls for help of any kind. To learn more, read this article:
+JC Chavez Go to the top of the thread, on the top right hand corner is a down arrow, click it and then click Mute this post.
+JC Chavez, go to account settings>google+>uncheck the stuffs u dont want.:))
Also after hiking and spilling entire 1L bottle of water in bag w/ said iPhone. I agree, waterproof phone maker = winner.
this will sound crazy but I have seen it work, immerse it rubbing alcohol...the alcohol will displace the water and then evaporate
speaking of muting posts... about to mute dafuggoutta Britney Spears right now...
+Ashton Kutcher I think Motorola is your best choice :) They have some waterproof smartphone product.
Yea, at least now you can get a real phone.
For everyone out there saying Otterbox Defender, yes it's an awesome case, love mine! But it's not waterproof, does not protect against moisture/ water.
+Ashton Kutcher Congrats to you and your guys for securing the Series B round from Andreessen and company... I've always liked AirBnB...
Rae O.
no, really?
Mine took a month to dry out in rice. But it had gone through an entire wash cycle in the washing machine. Should have just thrown it into the dryer. :D
Separate the phone from the battery and put both of them in a sack of rice (I'm serious). Give it about 24 hours and the rice will suck all of the moisture out of the phone. It works... I've done it.
so you are part of the phone-pool, now?

Problem Exists Between Touch Screen and Ground.
+Ashton Kutcher and I'm sure YOU'D be the perfect spokesperson for said awesome waterproof phone! lol
+Ashton Kutcher an iPhone 4 is a small price to pay for saving someones life. Look at it this way; someone gets to continue living and you get to finally step your android game up! win win... win?
the problem is your "pocket" it should be waterproof!
Well........................................ Yea
Is that true? Hold on. Let me try it out and see. :D
Motorola DEFY (10 ft deep!) Mr. Kutcher; get your T mobile(soon to be ATT) on!!
+Ashton Kutcher It's an awesome thing you did!!! Sorry so many are being smarta$$es instead of being considerate and helpful.
and here I was thinking the smoke and sparks coming out of mine where part of the frills and thrills of the phone after the first immersion...
switch to android phone... you will never look back :)
Congratulations for saving a life, the kid will remember you for the rest of his days and be forever grateful. Ask Apple to help you save the data if possible.
Thats one point for Charlie. Winning
Steve Jobs to Ashton: "You're holding it wrong!"
Mine broke yesterday by just having it in the same room as the jacuzzi
There's the Motorola Defy phone. Not as good as the iPhone but water\dust\scratches proof
Steve Jobs to Ashton: "We have sued your pool boy and your bathing shorts manufacturer. Please cease and desist any further similar activities."
most of the new smartphones in japan are waterproof, cos many japanese use their phones in the bath tub.
Dαn J
Lol Now that's funny. lol
Since I got my lifeproof case I've been taking my iPhone in the shower. Not good!!
motorola defy should be waterproof... at least partially.
I work for a phone company. Had a guy get mad at me the other day saying the phones were "crappy" because they weren't waterproof. I very nearly laughed. Smartphones are electronics. You don't see people pissed off their TVs or Laptops aren't functional after someone throws them in water. Phones aren't much different these days. They are just smaller. There are phones that are "water resistant" but not waterproof. The only waterproof phone is one that's kept AWAY FROM WATER. lol. Just take care of your phones, and if an accident happens, take the same level of responsibility you would if you tripped and dumped a 64 ounce soda all over your laptop.
The problem was the great party, not the iphone :-).
Moto Defy..crazy stuff proof :)
hahaha I would have expected that :-)
My daughter tells me they don't work after being put through some wash cycles in the washing machine - I have a waterproof camera, roll on the waterproof smartphone.
FIRST Note to self: Don't jump in pool with iPhone!
SECOND Note to self: Don't swim in anything with pockets!
THIRD Note to self: If I apply "Second note" will I even need the "First note?"
Alchohol-related incident? Uh oh ... sounds like A+K may need some intervention. Is he 27 yet? :o/
You have more than enough money to replace it, but if you didn't, sticking it into a sack of raw rice works.
AK, get rubbing alcohol put in a bowl or something dip your phone in it, the alcohol will evaporate the water and there's a 50/50 chance it will work. first take out the batt and everything.
Nice excuse to avoid answering those calls
Mine survived! I guess you are missing some faith ;)
They make waterproof smartphones here in Japan...
My friends iPhone has just survived... It's like a roulette then. 
Samsung do a really good waterproof phone. I have fallen off boats with ming and it works.
But then you won't buy another one. They could but they don't want to.
Chinese did it already it works any condition including under water LOL
The new Sony Ericsson Xperia Active is Waterproof and GShock ;) and it's Maria Sharapova New's phone. Cheers from Casablanca.
solution: Wear budgie smugglers ! or, of course, don't put phone in swimming trunks ! duh
I had a motorola Q that spent time in the st. lawrence ... works fine still to this day. I should test with my droid Ha!
Fact: Not sure that company will win: How many users like diving in a pool with their phone? mmm some forget their phone in their pocket ^^
fact: iPhone's secret environmental energy salvage technology was absorbing brains power to sustain battery during dive thus preventing sound decision making.
HELLO people! The otter box IS NOT waterproof! They miss lead consumers with their ads but read the fine print!!!
Makes for a good coaster though.
Motorola Defy...I'd just take my chances with my device drowning before I get that failure.
Here's a question for you, if the first smartphone to come out was an android, would you switch from apple?
+Ashton Kutcher take the battery out...soak Iphone in rubbing alcohol ...drain and let dry for for 7 days ... u may need a new battery Voila!
There's a waterproof phone on that would solve that issue for you Kutch... I own 3 myself and have even used it in the shower, noooo problems during or after. Check 'em out... What say you???
Ya motorola ha incursionado en este medio con el Motorola Defy, aunque esta batalla apenas empieza. -- Motorola has already ventured into this medium with the Motorola Defy, but this battle is just beginning
Ada M pocket of swimming trucks? or...? You can upgrade any phone to be waterproof using a zip-lock bag.
Throw it in a bowl of rice. It sucks all the water out. Might save it!
+Ashton Kutcher Motorola Defy.. Probably the closest you will get to water proof "out of the box"
+Marius Linstead You have to make sure not to power the device on after it turns off and remove the battery which is not easily doable in an Iphone 4, vacuum as much water out of it and then leave it in rice until there is no evidence of water. However, if you had a phone with a removable battery you could have easily salvaged your phone. I have gotten mine wet in way too many places. I once walked into the ocean with three phones in my pocket, salvaged them all somehow.
+Ashton Kutcher the new Droid phone is supposed to be waterproof to where you can take pictures completely submerged
too many comments to read to see if it has been said but the Motorola Defy android phone is waterproof and word on the street is a new one is on it's way (as well as from other android makes like samsung)
I just recently did that and had to get me a new phone...and it is an epic fail
Gzone commando. It's waterproof. Well Mayb not to pool depths. But it is 
Try submerging it in (uncooked) rice for a day or two & see if that helps. My wife dropped her phone into a cup of water & this trick brought her phone back to life!
it would still work had you done a cannonball instead.
Hey +Ashton Kutcher how about you stop jumping in the pool with a phone? My friends let me do a pocket check before they throw me in. You need better friends.
Done that before, but not a smart phone.
I agree, user error, they do make waterproof phone cases
Manufacturers would rather you buy a new phone then make their phones waterproof. 
Well, it ain't Samsung. I took mine in the hot-tub...
When I read your tweet last night I thought there was a new smart phone called "pool". THAT would be awesome
There's a water damage sticker snuck in there for a reason. Warranty = void, sorry - it's just one of those sucky moments where you're like "Aw man, I wish I was more careful. That'll learn me." Builds character.
What about a pool that tells you you have a phone in your pocket before you jump in !!
Mike H
Motorola Defy.........
I realize this is a drop in the bucket comment wise, but the white rice thing absolutely works (even after 36 hours) you just shouldn't turn it on until you've done it. There are plenty of smart phones that are water proof (among other things) and marketed as US Military personnel durable. They just aren't made by Apple ;)
i like the one with the solar panel in the back (Swissvoice SV29) what is preventing Apple or any other competitor from implementing a full solar panel in the back but with touch capabilities!?
think about it, front screen finnaly stays clean and navigate from the back with dual purpose touch screen/solar panel! (sort of like the motorola backflip)
I tried the same thing a few months ago, my iPhone also did not work after swimming for 30 min.... Major fail Apple! :)
who DIVES into the water with clothes on?
How is it a major fail for an electronic device to break down in water? When you bought it, did it say it was waterproof? Did you shop around for waterproof options? Does anyone have realistic expectations of anything, or does everyone's sense of entitlement is so inflated that they think that the laws of physics should bend to their wishes whenever it suits them? Disgusting.
I've been able to revive my Android Nexus S twice so far after water logging it. 
+Ashton Kutcher you inspire me man my idol i want to act and i want to be in movies and commericals just like you bro, people say it but you my guy are one of top and favorite actors i model man and im working on getting up ashton !!!
It's the famous ID-10-T error...
But a least the headphones are waterproof! Well I mean laundry proof hahaha
Years ago, my ex was thrown into a pool with his pager on and we pulled the battery and let it dry out for a few days, but it worked afterwards :) Don't know if iphones are lucky enough to do this, but always worth a try (personally I think the things are too thin so don't like them).
with sub water camera, could be nice ;)
you can get it fixed, mine was underwater for a whole night and I got it fixed, they charged me about 100 usd and mentioned they changed the battery
Sounds like you need a LifeProof case!
A pool is better then a recently used toilet in dive bar.......just saying, sometimes you just need to walk away.
how about a waterproof pool?
Kutcher you kicked out a C- with your look & feel like tweet deck. You're into making better mouse traps huh? You really do not know what you're 'into' do ya? You thinking you oughta just get on back to punking clueless hollywood?
My nephew fell in the pool and before my brother jumped in to get him, he did some quick thinking and he threw his iphone out of his pocket, so he saved my nephew and his phone lol.
Dropped mine in the whirlpool. Bites. Bought a waterproof case for beach adventures. Sorry to hear Ashton. 
there's motorola's new android water proof ponhe! (:
i thought there is an app for everything ? Is there no " let me swim and i will still work" app in itunes store ???? ;-)
must be nice to be rich enough to just get another one for free (celebs dont pay for anything!) :D
take out the battery and put in a baggie with rice for 24-48 hours to let it dry out
thats your problem, an iphone! Get you a galaxy s2 not out here in the states.But you can order one. 
I like how people sit in their ivory tower judging everyone for an accident like they never make any of there own
Casio Commando! i think i see an endorsement coming up!
When transparent and flexible nanoelectronics comes out soon (see Morph project by Nokia for E.g) your phone can be integrated in your swimming suit. Can even take a call while swimming and not bother anyone as you'd talk through bci (brain computer interface software) so no one can hear you. Now, I'd be curious to see how they are going to be able to transcribe the emotions carried in the voice intonations through brain waves analysis. Fun stuff ahead!
soak it in a bag of rice! worked for me
what about open the phone and dry with the hairdryer?
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First thing you remove the battery and then you place phone and battery in container with salt. Wait a couple of days and the phone should work. The important thing is to remove the battery ASAP. Cheers!
Or better yet since your iPhone is probably dead, not just from the water but the pool chemicals will destroy the circuitry, get a Droid.
My HTC Incredible has been submerged twice for a total of 15 minutes and still works. The bag of rice trick has yet to fail me..
No, first person to get you to stop doing stupid shit wins lol
... or the first person to build a pool that you can swim in with your smartphone... rules the world.
Ohhhh, been there-done that. Nothing that a bag of rice will won't fix! 48 hours and you will be good to go!
my ipod went into the washing machine :'(
hope you got an Android phone! (althought not water proof either, just a lot smarter :)
Sony android phone coming out that is
hahaha.. good to know, thanks
Ted S
auto-sealing waterproof pockets would be cooler. wet wallets, notes, pens, though sometimes able to dry, aren't very fun in the moment.
Nelam N
Motorola Defy = waterproof
Just go with the Android! :) I personally love it! :D
when electronics get wet, turn on only after insides are fully dry, once all water is gone, they may function
You should check motorola DEFY. It has an IP67 protection degree. You can submerge it up to 4 feets without any issue. :)
John D
I wrap my iPhone with plastic like how my couches are
drop it in a container of rice... it'll help suck the moisture out... oh wait, you did this 2 days ago... my bad... :)
Mango Windows Phone is they say..
oye Hero add me to your Friends Circle dude. Who knows i might give you the big Hollywood break you been looking for................
does dry out
ashton happens to me - but Apple knew it had gotten wet once
My I-phone and I fell into a pond here in Luxembourg last summer and my camera and my i-phone and I dried out together. I was dry before they were.But we all worked later. I got a cold cause it is chilly here
i won't be happy until i can use an ipad while deep sea diving
People seem to be losing their iphones and other smartphones in the water lately. People need to be more careful...
This shouldn't be hard. My son has an insulin pump, much more important than a phone, and it is water proof.
you should barrow chuck norris iphone its everything proof
Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T Worlds’s First Water-and Dust-proof Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” is the one I ment...
Palm Pixi works after it dries out after a can always buy water-proof case
I dropped my iPhone in the toilet (before I did the deed, mind you) a few nights ago, and it was submerged for a few seconds because I couldn't get it out immediately (long story). The net-net is the speaker didn't work for a few hours, but I let it dry out overnight and it worked like magic the other day. You would have never known it was swimming in the toilet the night before. Now, if someone can recommend a way to disinfect my iPhone ... ;-P
Why would it work on water? lol
You're approaching this the wrong way. As an entrepreneur, you need to create water that doesn't destroy smartphones.
i guess sony wins because they have an android phone call the xperia active comming out in a month or so
And, where do we sign up to invest in this new water-proof phone?
i need one of those waterproof types
Chan Li
hi , love ur movie The Butterfly Effect
I assume that they have waterproof cases for iPhones if you really want one, Ashton. :)
Ziplocs make great waterproof sleeves. Also avoids getting phone icky with sunscreen and sand.
since the xperia active is a GSM phone it will probably be released on at&t or T-mobile, but most sony ericsson phones are on at&t.
I'm sure your are not reading all these - BUT visit this site and make a phone call. After all you are a celeb. They can waterproof a fucking tissue! And an iPhone, or anything else for that matter.
I doubt that. Probably only negligibly small portion of the market will buy a smartphone because it is waterproof over other factors as OS/design/Popularity/brand/whatever.
I jumped into the pool with my droid1 and swam around for 15 minutes. Work fine after it dried out... although there was some funky stuff going on with the screen.
+Humberto Bello Use a hair dryier ist the worst thing you can do in that situation. The air pushes the remaining water more into the inner circuits and hot air could melt fragile components ore create dangerous amounts of static electricity.
lol that would be great, while we're at it we should add an underwater camera feature too.
I'd wait for +Nokia. They are probably thinking about this in their corporate sauna right about now.
Really, I mean the technology has be to out there, we could be saving so many phones from the water damage blues.
Smart phones...I do not have one
Just Kidding
how bout they make a scratch resistant phone first, then get on to the seemingly more complicated missions!
yeah! i have the G-z in the pool / shower / anywhere (including underneath rally cars)
Theres an app for that, right? lol... Sorry for your loss dude
yes i thought about that a month ago when mine dropped in the toliet:)
Yea there's a waterproof phone already its the Casio phone I think its called a girl from the Olympics has it
As people have said, Motorolla Defy or Casio's G'zOne Commando; both Android, both rugged smartphones... :)
I just did that 3 days ago with a Droid. That too loses! The new phone comes today as I patiently wait by the window for the loving FedEx truck...
I think Casio has one now.
iProne = iPhone that is not prone to water damage. 
I'm with you on this one... I think a few years ago Nextel had a waterproof phone!
ok weird, i had mine thrown in a lake accidentally , it was in there for a good solid ten minutes till i found it , and i thought for sure goodbye iphone,, i took it home used hairdryer on it , and then stuck in bag of rice overnight , and the next day , all was good, and it worked , has ever since, i about died over this ..
I second the Otterbox. A friend of mine dropped his in a bucket of paint, washed it off with water and it still works.
go to have them for the iphone 4 and the ipad. they are waterproof up to 6ft, shock proof, snow proof, dust proof. I ordered one and it really works. Don't know how long it will work for but so far so good and I've had it a month. There is a wait list though, but it's fast.
I dropped my Samsung EPIC into a sink full of water and she still lives. An hour or so with my hairdryer did the trick.
that would be amazing, would suprise me if google is doing that now, HA!
An app for keep you from drinking and dialing (or texting) would be welcome too! (think breathalyzer)
Google "golden shellback"
LOL... new iPhones without a contract are like $850! I know this because I used to work for a phone company that sold iPhones.
OMG!! that is hilarous, ashton!!!! i was just watching u on tv! <3 u!!! have fun getting a new phone!!!!
g'zone commando is waterproof android
And then: "Someone Forgot the iPhone 6+ Prototype in a Pool" ;o)
dry in bag full of rice. or just go get a new one
Craig M
Get a ziploc bag
they have iphone cases....butttt casio has a phone out on verizon. the g'zOne commando. waterproof up to I think 3 meters for 30 minutes.
that would make my day if they made that!
Why not just put your iPhone in a plastic sandwich bag...
Probably could easily afford 2 1/2 iPhones an hour. Not likely to get too upset over such trivial losses.
Soak it in a bag of rice, it absorbs allll the moisture. My nephew gave my phone a bath last works!!! Also, I agree, they need to create more durable phones ~ I killed 3 in 1 month :/
just buy an Otterbox. Problem solved.
They do! I was actually @ an aquarium South padre Island and a said tourist puts his phone under water to take pictures of a turltle, I was blown away!

Overall rating
awesome i gotta get me one of those so i hav one less thing to worry about eith my phone.
waterproof iphone pocket for the win... you can buy them at any iphone pocket dealer near you :)
That is for damn sure. support.
my iphone worked after falling out of my car in new orleans and laying outside in big puddle during a massive rainstorm. I was amazed ; )
motorola defy is water repellent =) i can go in the pool with it and it wont get messed up
Better man than me Bro, I keep dropin mine in toilets 'n urinals! Dr. X, Paranormal-X
Its been more than a year since Motorola Defy was launched and still no major competition...Hail DEFY!!...The Chuck Norris phone .
Waterproof Smartphone has existed for years.. But apple wasn't smart enough to make iphone waterproof :)
my orange works underwater much better than an apple! hehe :)
omg y would you dive in a pool with an iPhone in your pocket anyway????????
A tecnologia tem se desenvolvido mais rápido que um piscar de olhos. É meio assustador!
IPhone fails to work even if you did not dive in to pool
+Ashton Kutcher  Casio, Panasonic, and a few others. Plus you can send your phone out for nano coatings to make it waterproof. You might also ecxhange it for a Galaxy Nexus while you're getting it coated.
i´m your fannnnnn please REPLY
why would anyone jump in the pool with their iPhone! S)
get a Nokia and there's your water proof phone
Someone should have invested in a life proof case
Ive always wanted sony experia.....
First company to find a better way to talk wins
Well the so called water proof phone is not water proof. The funny thing is when you complain AT&T says well its really not meant for water read the contract
I thought they had a lifeproof case?
Jeez, just buy a new phone.  Worth the replacement cost if you refrain from diving in the pool with your phone again.
it's over , samsun won , go home apple you're out
casio g'z One Commando thee best
kyocera brigadier best screen and water tight integrity. 
Double bars, personal list in data they did as in proposal aoth...
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