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any advice on the best solutions for laptop hunkering neck pains?
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Turn laptop off. Works for me :)
lie down with it on your stomach!
Don't listen to any of these people. Do what i do, Stand upside down
Readjust how you're sitting/using the laptop, using pillows or table or whatnot, so that your spine remains in alignment. Also, break now and then to do some stretching where you put your shoulders back in a reverse hunching position.
Time on the Monkey Bars! \(*o*)/ yippie! LOL Seriously Teeter-hang-ups! I LOVE mine! Cheers `*>~[
One of those gamer chairs works pretty good. 
two aspirin and call me tomorrow :P
heating pad and a nice fatty
Talk a walk around the neighborhood.
Stop using the laptop! lol :D
Lean back with a microfiber neck pillow?
Vast quantities of prescription meds?
laptops are not great ergonomically. Try elevating the laptop screen and getting an external keyboard and mouse.
smash it to the trahs then laugh out loud... like obelix... ur head up...
elevate your feet with a stool, make sure you have lumber support on your back
same problem. I had to go to physical therapy. :)
The beach.
His neck is just fine. You all just got punked !
Hire a masseuse for ur neck OR a personal assistant to surf the web for u. That's what I do. OK, WOULD do!
shadow the desk on the ceiling.
1. Close Laptop
2. Get Comfortable
3. Open Laptop
4. Adjust screen to fit your position?
Buy sledgehammer. Whack laptop. Problem solved. Repeat for infinite win!
I always lay on the floor when my neck starts to hurt lol
meds and a physical therapist. how about just reaching for the stars...
I'm designing a special armrest chair that could be adjusted into any comfortable sitting position. you can even adjust it in such a way that you'll lie down faced up and still be able to use your laptop. will keep you posted.
Laptop + HDMI cable connected to an HDTV on the wall with wireless mouse/keyboard.

Make sure you have a 15-17"... I've tried 13" and I thought I had to go to the chiro after 1 hour. Instead I just returned it.
Don't use your laptop while planking. 
cervical adjustment from a Chiropractor and an evaluation of your posture when you're working on the laptop.
Raise the laptop so that when looking straight ahead, your eyes are looking at a spot between 1 and 3 inches from the top of the laptop. Also, do stretch every twenty minutes--you can use something like WorkRave to time it.

Another option is to recline slightly, bend up your knees and rest the laptop on your legs, supporting your head to the appropriate angle with a pillow to avoid muscle overworking.
A monitor stand and an external keyboard. iMac and a comfortable workspace beats being mobile around the house. Did you just punk us?
stretching and a back massage. take at least a 10 minute break every hour.

also, you can put a fresh trout in your lap. i hear that helps.
Stop doing that and find someone to cuddle with ... it will quickly be forgotten. 
Having same problems. Tried adjusting positions, massage, etc. Now using smart phone . See if there's improvement. Good luck. And by the way, thanks for all your work with DNA.
Try adjusting the height of your monitor or laptop. The ideal position is just below eye level. Ever see geeks putting their monitors on a platform or up high? That increases neck and eye strain because your head naturally tilts down slightly, and your tear ducts have to work harder if your are tilting above horizontal.
No, but I did discover that a laptop at the beach equals a tanned face, burned body and an extremely white neck! :)
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Screen at eye-level! That's the only way...
Also, your hands outstretched parallel to the ground should be at the level of keyboard.
Nice to know everyone suffers this sh*t!
Marry a beautiful woman and look at her instead! Wait....
**Get it out of your lap and onto a desk. Beware, those little laptop stands are an accident waiting to happen, do not consider one of them. I'm building a desktop for the labor intensive stuff. My MacBook pro, or the Playbook are for on the go. Otherwise, keep a masseuse on call...
"Doctor it hurts when I do this.."
I hate laptops still I get neck pain with a desktop. Wait until you get to your 60s Oy Vey!
Hire someone to type and move mouse for you? I work for food and alcohol! I also can make sure your computers stay secure.
Get a foam roller and use it according to the instructions of a licensed physical therapist
Get a ceiling-mounted neck and back support system that you strap yourself into every time you use a laptop.
Stretch on a foam roller.. amazing
Use a laptop stand. They're inexpensive (not that you would worry about such things) and light so you can easily adjust to your favorite chair, get the height just right, etc. 
Is the discomfort from carrying it around or typing?
Demi + Shiatsu + Nudity + Her BFFN + Hot Tub + Book-me-a-tix-2-LA-asap! #advise!
Kind of annoying, but you really want to sit up properly and maybe get a real monitor -- all that ergonomics stuff we usually ignore until we are in trouble. One of my former students, a brilliant guy (PhD candidate), had to give up computer science for good because he waited to long to do anything about this kind of issue. (He was at an Ivy league school at the time, and tried pretty much every solution you can imagine including some pretty far-out stuff but some of these problems can be irreversible.)
Dαn J
Go to the Beach and get a sun burn like we did. Neck pain won't hurt so much then. lol
I use external monitor at eye level & keyboard tray (elbow at right angle).

Otherwise look up each 10 min or so.
Excellent working chair, sit back against an adjustable back rest, sit up and sit within reach.
take more breaks, make sure to stretch.
virtual goggles or mini projector on ceiling,
Do you really want to end up all hunched back in the shoulder area?
Ergonomics keeps you pretty.
red Gatorade and aspirin.....oh wait that's not what we all do when we need an answer...Google it!! WOOT Google FTW
Change the angle that you use to view your screen by changing chair height or desk height... helps me out every time! Or switch to the sofa! :)
Cardio weight training with free weights 3 times a week has worked for me. I spend way to much time on the keyboard.
sit back and dont lean towards your monitor. just because your closer yo it doesnt mean that everything will suddenly get bigger
Listen to your body! It's saying "turn off the laptop!!"
lay on your back with a pillow behind you .. usually works the best for me
Stop using computers = best solution ever!
Tequila! Thats the answer for a lot of my questions at least
Raising the laptop using a cooling stand or something helps me, but generally having the screen at about eye level is best. Guess it would depend on where you're using it mostly...
ANdy X
It's yr mum here, stop drinking and smoking and sit straight behind proper table when on yr stupid pc!!!! There solution 4 U knob ;)))
Use it on your lap? Stretched out on a deck chair in the shade...
+Ashton Kutcher, easy answer... Madame Lucy's massage parlor down on 7th street. I recommend upgrading from a level 1 to a level 2... its more like a GFE. Plus, go for the happy ending. Well worth the $20. Ummmmm... what were you asking about again?
Rey a Laptop stand. Additionaly, you can't spill coffee or wine into the CD slot anymore, bcause it's higher. 
TRY a Laptop stand. e. g from RainDesign. 
Go outside without said laptop for a few hours!
Taller laptop or a shorter neck! :)~
Stop typing with your nose and start typing with you hands. That helped my neck problems almost immediately.
use your Ipad as the monitor and sit on the couch..
I'm usually on my laptop until my eyes are burning, and my back is so stiff that I can't stand up. LOL.. but a good solution to that pain, is the occasional "stand and stretch" with your arms up as faaaar as possible, until you feel (and hear) your shoulders crack back into place. If you are pulling an all-nighter online... set your alarm to go off every 1 1/2 hours, to remind you to do the "stand and stretch" technique that I have just described. If you don't stand for a few seconds every couple hours, if you intend to be online for days on end (like what I do as a website programmer) LOL then I find that I CAN NOT stand without falling down. Either from no circulation, or numb legs. Haha.. hope this helps. <3
I actually use my travel pillow and it helps alot, keeps me aligned :)
I wrap something around my neck (shirt/hot towel/whatever to keep it hot/warm) and take a nap for about 40 minutes. No pain
my super hug! LOL kidding, ok fine, Demi's super hug! :P
I Hook mine to my 50" TV... sit back on my couch and relax ;)
the mctivia is the bomb to get on the 50+" screen chillax mode that the modern brogrammer should be representing for her/his couch or hammock .
Get a MacBookAir (light+sexy) then get a minimalist Tom Bihn laptop bag made in Seattle. Opt for the deluxe strap which REALLY eases the shoulder/neck pain issue.
They need to make goggles to wear so your neck can be in any (comfortable) position and you can still see what a regular screen would display, you would just see it through the goggles. I'll start the company if you'll invest. :)
Shark Week is the answer to everything that ails you!
I dunno, but I am wearing my shoulders like a pair of earrings. And it sux.
Stick the 'puter on the back of her head. Works for me!
I could have use this advice too considering I spent the afternoon in the park sitting under a tree working on my computer. I kept changing positions every once in awhile when I started to become a bit fatigued in my current position. I tried putting the laptop on my knees, sitting with my knees up. I even tried laying on my stomach. Tried putting the laptop on top of my backpack which I had on top of my crossed legs. Just couldn't get comfortable.

My guess is acupuncture if it's severe pain. I love my acupuncturist! However, you'd have to fly to Chicago to go see him. Yoga might help. Massage. Heat or ice pack (I think heat is better for sore muscles but I'm non sports doc). Good luck!
Hold your neck muscles.. stand straight upright and tilt head backwards.. feels great after
Macbook Air on yoooo lap!
ya google+ wifi 4g sunglasses. get em while there hot! lol :D
Ashton I believe you might want to invest in Laptop with 3D viewing Tech... Such as any current Laptop or Touchpad that incorprates RealD / 3D sterioscopic viewing points. HTC's EVO 3D... and see if the Asus eeEPad Transformer is coming up with upgrades such as 3D. Also Use a Desktop machine... or upsync / mirror your Android Devices to / through DLNA to your TV, and or HDMI ports you have many options in that aspect. Since you are such a Technophile. But Props my man!
tempurpedic mattress AND pillow.
Just stroke it....makes you forget about the neck
Don't move your chin up or down from its normal resting spot, pivot at the waist. If you are leaning backwards you have to support your neck with a pillow and dip your chin and not lift your head off of it. If you are leaning forward, don't change your neck position, change your seating or monitor position.
Kate's Magik Muscle Works Massage Oil for aches and pains in conjunction with Traumeel for a homeopathic solution. :)
Get a desktop and a comfy ass chair (be sure it has a high back rest)
Let me know if anyone comes up with a good solution, I've got the same problem.
Here is a simple stretching exercise that helps. While standing stick both arms forward in front of you but cross them over so that your left hand is on the right and right on the left. Then rotate your hands so the palms face each other and intertwine your fingers into a firm grip. Now lean forward a little but don't bend forward and push hour hands towards the ground and hold for a few seconds. Don't push too hard of course and you should feel your shoulder blades just below your neck stretched open which helps lessen the muscles here.
tilt the screen till it doesnt hurt your neck to look at it?
I'm sure someone would hold it for you. lol
This advice from my wife, Michele, who is the best Occupational Therapist around: While seated, deep inhalation, then 1) lift your shoulders up; then 2) roll them back, moving your shoulder blades toward one another; then 3) move them down from that position; then 4) exhale and relax. You are should be in perfect keyboarding posture. The challenge is staying conscious of this positioning and re-adjusting often until your body has learned this as the new normal which will probably take a few weeks. From my experience, results in reduced neck, back pain and fatigue are worth the effort.
go outside, look at sky, walk around.
if you find a suggestion that works, let me know...
wear an airplane pillow backwards so its under your chin.:)
This suggestion is not to be overlooked....For sweet relief, get in the the semi-supine position for about ten minutes with lower back flat on the floor.
Long-term: Spend an hour with a practitioner of the Alexander Technique.
Have a hot bath....without the laptop.
Yes use one of those soft wrist rests which support your wrists while you type = you won't look down as much = saves neck !! Also look at these New Categories for Google+ Circles
Get a Chromebook! It only weighs 3.3 pounds. Check them out at the DFW airport if you're in town. :) P.S. Fly Virgin America and you can borrow it for free.
See Jolie Bookspan
She has written an amazing book, a life changing book: "Fix Your Own Pain Without Drugs or Surgery" - basically you can find out how to not get any neck and other pains.

My dad, Clifford, said he didn't take me seriously until after I suggested this book to him a couple of yrs ago (I'm 49 now)!!!

Fix your posture by strengthening your rhomboids at the gym. Try facepulls. Stretch your traps a couple times a day. 
Rule of 2 works everytime and in less than 30 mins. - 2 aspirin, 2 scotches with 2 ice cubes each. Problem solved!
get up once and a while because I have the same thing. Walk around in circles and sit back down hahaha.
Same advice as for the nose. Cold compress. I use a soft compress filled with a gel that you keep in the freezer between aches.
Correct your posture! Try not to flex your head forward when using the computer to help keep your cervical spine aligned. It overworks your neck muscles (trying very hard to keep your head up) resulting in tightness and neck pain! Also, try lower back support, elevating the laptop to eye level (or close to it), and taking breaks!
An Acer Iconia A500 Tablet. 10.1", Has USB port, hdmi out, front and back camera. I use wireless usb mouse and bluetooth keyboard with it. Works Great. No need to carry a 200lb Macbook Pro everywhere.
Get back to the roots and read a book ;o)
Once it happened, perform a quick stretch on a hanging-bar, try it out it helps ;-)
Try to avoid it by not looking down at the notebook, bring urself down or the notebook up.
No, but glad I'm not the only one...
cheap portable version when you can't stop & are willing to look stupid:) collerbone brace helps
when you can stop: (carefully) traction your neck Bend over (lol) and relax, wrap your arms around your head for extra weight (but NEVER pull much, I did and pinched some nerves.ow.) ...wait and your muscles will slowly unlock...
super cool probably-can't-buy-it setup:
Inversion table or related from could help
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Ashton, close the laptop. Grab it with both hands and hurl it over off a tall building or into a large pool of water. It has always worked for me.
Ashton drop you chin to your chest and put a hand on the back of your head and pull down, Then turn your head half way to your shoulder with you chin still down and pull down again doing both sides. You should feel a nice pull in the in the back of you neck going along the inside of your shoulder blades. If the doesn't work something warm to loosen the muscles up.
Brother, just sit that sucker down, take a BC and walk around.
put the laptop on a tabletop...haha j/k
Sign up for 6 to 20 Alexander Technique lessons -
Still got a pain in the neck ? 1. Chiropractor appointment. srsly I've seen you naked (on TV now like everyone else lol) and while your body rocks you could do with an adjustment for your neck, you're quite tall and you might stoop a lot, n prolly have had a few head knocks dodging low things for short people lol. 2. A desk, chair and "docking station" for your laptop that has a proper monitor with a monitor riser (a height adjustable monitor stand) if necessary set at the correct height for your body, ie your eyes should be level with the top of your monitor. Also your body is also telling you that you are being mentally too inflexible on something.... if all else fails ask yeh teacher...
try to sit up straight with both feet flat on the floor and try to learn how to type with out looking if you can't already.If you Don't know how to type without looking the download micro type at that website it's a free download and it's the best program I've ever used. And I only know this because my wheel teacher has been making me use that program for the past 2 weeks . I would say do AT LEAST 2 lessons a day u can do more but I prefer 2 a day..
+Ashton Kutcher Its a laptop dude, only way to fix that problem is to go buy a mega badass recliner and kick ur feet up!
+Ashton Kutcher Just try a nice hot shower first then if no relief a massage, which seems to be the most common answer.
+Ashton Kutcher you need to get a laptop riser and full size keyboard to use while it settles down.. you probably use the laptop alot and your posture is wrong. make sure your sitting correctly when using it.
YOGIBO Can't tell with all these comments if someone suggested this, but this is the answer to your problem. I know it looks a little weird, but I know some brogrammers who swear by it:
dont hunker over your laptop anymore....oh and get a neckbrace to wear while on computer and it will make your neck not feel like it has to hold up your head on his own. tiny muscles in the neck cant support head alone. i have the exact problem and have dealt with it since 2009. some of it also could be psychological....something in your life is a "pain in the neck"
you posted this july 30th i you obviously are not on this much...and i hope your neck is better now..
Google should put a marker on to show someone as active because you can never tell if they are unless they post and your right.. he hasn't posted for a while
a warm moist towel.. wet the towel, put it in the microwave, let it cool some; then hang it around your neck
Miha B
Let your laptop have some rest... :)
+Ashton Kutcher Wow nobody actually has a proper suggestion. It's simple really.

Your eyes need to be able to look forward; not down on your keyboard level where a laptop monitor is.

1. Try a desktop PC or home theatre PC setup where the keyboard is at elbow level and the monitor is straight ahead.

2. Use a bluetooth keyboard and place the laptop at eye level while the keyboard is where your laptop used to be.

The problem is posture. Laptop use is bad for it.
i wish i could help but i get them too.too much time you can find me on yahoo,facebook,myspace
A neck seen on TV!!!!!!
Just top using it for a while and take 2 tylenol.
hi me I take voltaren, it's realy good it's a rub I don't know if you heard about it. anyways if you never tried it give it a shot
( stretch the trap muscle on a regular basis and practice "relaxing your shoulders down" ( one thing you need to look at is if your laptop is in a postural correct position. Sitting with one in your lap all the time really puts a strain on your upper neck; try using either a desk or a pillow in your lap to bring your arms at 90 degree angles while you type. ( - hope this helps brosef.
i am sure belive me you I am listing t all!!>the rite ones that is.
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ashton you just need to sit comfortably and look straight at the screen. its a hunkering pain because you are probably on your couch "hunckerd" over your computer thats on the coffee table or sitting on your bed... etc. sit at a table or desk and you won't have that problem anymore.
Set up a desk get the 27in iMac and a nice big comfy chair... still use your laptop but not for hours... Goodluck
yes, call your wife to give you a nice back rub. Peace my pretend friend. I say pretend because you will never answer to regular people. we aren't good enough. I know, that still want get you to say hey and peace out on my site. and also on facebook. lolololololololo but you are still cool.
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let it by
u could use laptop less, don't u?there is no compulsion to use it until when you get a neck pain
put it on top of a couple of books. It aint good for ur neck!
Hire a part time masseuse. An attractive and nice one of course. ,:)
Out of 88 ppl only one other person had my idea of hiring a neck masseuse. I worked for a dr and physical therapy office. Ot, u could invest in a really nice, top of the line neck pillow made especially to wrap around your neck, with a vibrated massager already inside of it. :)
scapular wall slides
Mr. Ashton, I would like you to call my office and book an appointment.  Here you can check out what it is that I do...
Hire a professional massage therapist. :)
I've got SCORES of advice on the subject of neck hunching pain.  Necks are normally shaped like Bananas, did you know?  Stay With Me However mine was going the OTHER WAY.  Like a Banana that had bent over backwards.  Kinda like what I'm doing now to try and get your attention.  But now it's all good thanks to my neck changing exercise regime.  Wanna know more?  HIT THAT CIRCLE BUTTON.  Oh sorry no not THAT CIRCLE.  It's a little early in the relationship :)
yeah....go outside. soak up some sun. run in the woods. youll notice you dont get neck pains. yup.
I read somewhere that standing, whilst working on a computer is the new best thing. Still trying to convince my husband to build a high desk, that makes standing possible....I think that this might take care of your laptop-aches...
Always sit with both feet flat on the ground and then you tend to sit upright and hence the neck drifts into correct posture.  NO DON'T THANK ME.  Well, OK if you insist.
Find an Upper Cervical Specialist.
You need better seating.  Focus on what your bottom is actually sitting on first.  Consider if it's tilted wrong or not firm enough.  Regardless of anything else you do, if this isn't working, you'll feel it in your neck/shoulders etc.  Trust me ... I've worked at (many) tech company start ups with the cheapest furniture they can get their hands on, and sitting for a long time can be quite painful.  Good luck!
Go outside - throw your head back - and laugh manically for about 10 to 15 minutes, then go buy an ice cream CONE (not in a cup and not some frufru yogurt or tofu garbage). That should help...if not it WAS fun wasn't it?! LOL
Acupuncture dude !
If you are serious and really need an answer to this problem....Here it is.  First find the time to take a couple of typing classes.  Then purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse and finally stream the image to a large screen such as your TV.  Several devices as well as TV's with this built function are available at larger retailers and warehouse sites. 
Neck rub who's ever behind you at that time hehehehe
Neck massage , but I share the pain.
Sit on a Yoga ball when you're using the laptop to balance yourself and minimise sitting awkwardly
I had neck pain also.  Then I got an external keyboard that you can plug into the laptops USB  port, sit back in the chair with the keyboard on your lap and won't need to bend your neck/head over the laptops external keyboard is more comfortable to use anyway!  Hope this helps.
simple- you marry me and ill rub your neck forever kay
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