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#StartupLesson EP014: How to Grow Your Facebook Group from 0 - 10,000 Engaging Members Ft. Arne Giske -

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In today's Startup Lesson, our hosts Greg Nicholls and Bradley Morley bring on guest teacher Arne Giske to teach us all about what it really takes to build a super engaging Facebook community.

First, there is something you should know about Facebook groups if you haven't figured it out already: Everybody has one, no-one is quite sure how to grow it, manage it or take over from it. We appreciated hearing from one of the best who are actually doing it the right way.

It was important for us to find someone who was relatable and someone who had the numbers as well as the substance within the group, to show for it - which is why Arne was our choice.

Arne is a millennial digital entrepreneur who’s been running a marketing agency for about a year and a half. He’s appeared in more than 40 media outlets, made 6 figures in sales, he travels all over the world, speaking at events and growing the business.

He also owns a Facebook group which is fast approaching 10,000 members.

In this episode, you will receive insights and practical strategies on how to grow a Facebook group from 0 – 10,000 engaging members in less than 12 months and what type of plan of action you need to deploy to keep your members engaged whilst delivering insane amounts of value.

To listen to this episode, tune in here:

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A new article has been written up by successful entrepreneur Kelly Roach on the Stage One Startup Blog!
Read here:…/

Kelly Roach is a former cheerleader & Fortune 500 Corporate Businesswomen turned Entrepreneur. She's powerful at what she does, whilst helping many others to build businesses around their passion but not forgetting one of the most important elements to building a business which is to generate revenue/profit from it.

In this article she breaks down 3 simple steps everybody needs to take into account in order to make your first $100k. It may sound a lot of money, but you'd be surprised how simple it can be if you play your cards right.

If you find the article useful, we'd appreciate if you could do as follows:

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- Team Stage One Startup🚀
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Top 5 Ways Social Media Management Tools Can Help You Get Better Results
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** New Episode Available for Download! **

So Episode 012 of the Stage One Startup Podcast went live on Monday of this week and is already becoming a popular episode on social media.

It appears that there are a lot of people nowadays wanting to start a digital magazine, so our guests for this show are perfect.

We interview Tony & Carmen Matthews, a couplepreneur (couple entrepreneurs) that founded a digital magazine business called SuperFly which is focused around pimped up, custom modified cars from classic to modern and the story behind the car.

They speak with the creators to find out about the purpose behind it and what went into the creation.

Tony & Carmen utilise their amazing photography skills to snap the best shots of these cars in action for each issue of their magazine.

Dive into this episode to find out what actionable advice, tips & techniques Tony & Carmen share about the hustle, journey as entrepreneurs & creation of a successful digital magazine business.

For full show notes, visit

You can also tune in to this episode via iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud using the following links:

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