The new Ubuntu is a disaster. They've apparently switched their focus from "Just Works" to "Shiny Untested Things". In a few hours:

* Multiple crashes on two different hardware machines (after upgrade)

* Wrong wireless networks auto-inserted into /etc/network/interfaces during the upgrade, which caused the boot sequence to have a scary incomprehensible prompt about network configuration failure. This was apparently an "Ubuntu server" improvement which screwed up Ubuntu Desktop. Not a good sign.

* Unity is pre-alpha quality, regresses on many UI issues:

* Title fuses with top panel, can't right click it

* No useful minimize gesture (except a tiny button)

* No window-list at a glance (This regresses to pre-win95 usability). As long as keyboard window switching is useful, this will remain relevant.

* When title is fused into panel, general window title gestures are flaky/don't always work

* Alt-f2, "emacs", enter --> executes xchat! (unless I wait ~300ms for emacs to be "found" into the completion list)

* Windows are placed a couple of pixels too much to the left, making an awkward gap almost enough to put the unity panel in.

* Workspace switcher requires two levels of window selection, useful when you have many windows, slows down when you have a few.

* Workspace switcher cannot move windows between desktops

* In 2D mode, can't have Alt-f10 be bound to both maximize and restore!

* Gnome fallback (installable as a package) does not work. Panel is not configurable, pretty much nothing works.

* CCSM -> Preferences -> Plugin list -> Entire UI is stuck. Reboot comes back without the unity panel (Switch to 2D seemed to work around it).

One of my machines was pretty broken after the Ubuntu upgrade, I decided to do a fresh install:

* I haven't done that in a looong time, so I was surprised I can no longer browse the web or do anything useful while installing.

* Download time estimates are based on the last 2 sec of throughput, which is ridiculous and quirky. Why doesn't anyone use long-running averages which make so much more sense?

I think Ubuntu in 2009 was much much better than Ubuntu in 2011, I'm considering replacing the install with some older Ubuntu version.

Anyone has any recommendations for a GNU/Linux distribution focused on "Just Works", less tinkering, and GUIs are nicer than editing config files? I think I've had it with the direction Ubuntu is taking.
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