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Matt Lavery
Cancer butt kicker. IT Professional (SQL Server, Powershell), Athlete, Photographer, Musician, avid Fisherman... yep a busy life!
Cancer butt kicker. IT Professional (SQL Server, Powershell), Athlete, Photographer, Musician, avid Fisherman... yep a busy life!

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Installing SqlServer PowerShell module from (step-by-step)
With the release of SQL Server Management Studio 17.0 (SSMS) the SqlServer PowerShell module has finally been decoupled and now can be installed independently. To take full advantage of this change I recommend using PowerShell 5.0 (if your on Windows 10 or ...

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Cmder, enhance your Windows Terminal Console experience
One of the best new tools I have been using lately is Cmder. A Terminal Emulator for Windows which is great for a number of reasons: Tabbed terminals  Multiple languages can be emulated Fully customisable and best of all Quake mode If you haven't seen it ye...

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Why Management Studio is no longer my default SQL Database and Query editor tool
Firstly let me start by stating that when I originally set out in an IT career I was heading down a developer path, and certainly had a number of developer type roles in my time..... or found ways of continuing development projects while working in infrastr...

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Fixing Merge conflicts in VS Code projects and VSTS (Visual Studio Online) repos
I use a combination of GitHub and Visual Studio Team Services (Visual Studio Online, VSTS, etc) repositories. GitHub is pretty straight forward for resolving merge conflicts of pull requests through it's online portal. Typically when I have come across merg...

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Restoring StretchDb databases and why WITH_COPY is critical
StretchDB is a new capability in SQL Server 2016 which provides the ability to effectively partition your data between warm and cold data, and more importantly allow SQL Server to automatically host that data in an Azure SQL Database.... sounds great in con...

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New SQL Server Builds API.... improve your health checks with version and support information
Things have been a bit busy for me personally over the last few months but that is another story. What I have done is use some of this time to get back to a little project I started a while back. Introducing the SQL Server Builds API ..... providing version...

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TSQL To identify queries which are candidates for Parameterization
While discussing the concepts of 'optimize for ad hoc workloads' and 'Forced Parameterization' in SQL Server I decided to modify an existing query I wrote to analyse the query performance from the cache (more on it here ) to now analyse the adhoc queries fo...

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PowerShell: Finding commands (functions) with Risk Mitigation capabilities
Yesterday I was talking to a workshop about implementing Risk Mitigation capabilities into your own Advanced Functions in PowerShell. This got me thinking about how to identify the commands that have that capability enabled. More importantly the configurati...

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PowerShell ISE add-on to toggle collapsible sections in all files
One feature I am hoping to see in the PowerShell ISE is the state of collapsed sections to be maintained for "recent" files. It is just annoying when you have a very large file that you are regularly working on to have to collapse all the sections you had p...

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Generating Certificates for Desired State Configuration lab/test environments
A colleague pointed out to me today that it has been a long time since I blogged, and you know what he is right as I have mostly been posting tweets about interesting news. Given I was taking some colleagues through setting up a Desired State Configuration ...
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