Here is today's "Stat You Should Not Take at Face Value".

The chart in the image below says that Google+ is now the world's #2 social network (in terms of 'Active Users in the Past Month'). The data is from the very good GlobalWebIndex, & was shared by +Joe Martinez & +Vic Gundotra .

I don't believe that G+ is a ghost town (I think it's really good, they've pushed it very cleverly, and I use it a lot), but I don't believe that 25% of global internet users are active G+ users.

The chart comes from GlobalWebIndex's quarterly survey ('Quarterly global research in 2013 - 300k internet users surveyed by Q4'). The survey findings say that G+ is now at 343m 'active users' (Google's own numbers released in december put it at 235m, with more like 135m of those viewing '').

There's some valuable stuff in the survey, but the answers to some of the other questions in tell you a bit more about the audience who answered it:

1. 24% uploaded a video in the last month.
2. 17% sold a product online.
3. 16% edited their own website. (separate to a question about blogs)
4. 20% listened to a podcast.
5. 22% used a social bookmarking service.
6. 21% bought a product through a 'group buying' website.

There's lots of valuable stuff in the survey, but based on the above 6 notes I think the respondents are far more tech savvy than the general global internet population.
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