Who's the best 'social media brand'? A while ago, a company called +Headstream  had a go at answering the question. They used a mixture of 'data score' and 'panel score' to try and define the answer.

For whatever reason, I decided to download the data & correlate all of the brands against their Twitter info, and to segment out the 'data score' & 'panel scores'. I've just found that again now, so thought I'd share it in case useful to anyone.

Here's an excel spreadsheet I put together:


A few summary notes:

1. It looked like the 'panel scores' were heavily swayed toward brands they liked. eg, 'Charities' & 'Entertainment' brands were given much higher scores on average by the panel than 'Telecoms' & 'Technology' brands.
2. The scores did not correlate with with standard Twitter metrics. Eg, Innocent Drinks (who oddly don't have a google+ page that I can find) came 1st in the overall results, +Starbucks Coffee came 2nd. Innocent had around 63,000 twitter followers at the time vs Starbucks' 2.5 million.
3. Some of the brands were a bit questionable. Eg. Bullguard & CenturyLink were in there, each with very small Twitter/Facebook presence.

Hope it's of use to someone!

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