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So, last 2x measurecamps I've done a demo of my customer satisfaction tool. It's moved on again. Worth doing an update, or are people now bored to death of this?

Could you do me an odd favour? I regularly read that Google+ is completely dead.

If you read this, could you +1 it to see how many people do actually read posts here?

Thank you!

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St Martin in the Fields.

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Brighton Pier at night.

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A nice wander today. Happy to see these beautiful young stags.

Hello, everyone. How are you?

Last measurecamp I ran a session on a tool that I had in the early stages, basically asking the question "is this worth continuing with?". The very kind answer from the people at the session was basically "yes, it's worth continuing with", so I've kept doing bits on it & moved it along quite nicely.

It's now at a decent state, and running on a few ecommerce sites. I therefore wondered whether:

A) I should run a little update session on where it's at.
B) I should not, as that would be overly promotional.

I'm pretty sure I could persuade one of the sites it's on to let me share their data (an ecom site doing £15-20k a day), which may make it slightly more interesting.

Either way - very much looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!!

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A simple pie chart illustrates  #thedress  colours.

Google have announced that they will be expanding their preferential treatment to 'mobile-friendly' sites when users search on phones, starting April 21st ( Here are 5 thoughts on that:

1. I expect we'll see lots of "THE SKY IS FALLING!!!" blog posts over the next couple of days related to this.

2. It's a shame they don't explicitly state whether this will/will not apply to tablets. Sometimes Google call them 'mobile', sometimes they do not.

3. If anyone wants bonus points from their company or their clients, take a look at their key SERPs & assess how they'll move up/down based on their competitive mix. In some markets there are v few mobile sites, in some they're all mobile friendly. (actually this is just good practice, not really bonus point worthy)

4. The post says the change applies to all languages, but it's important to remember that different countries are at different points on the 'mobile uptake curve'.

5. Do spend some time taking a look at the difference in organic mobile behaviour for your sites vs organic desktop behaviour. Often it varies quite dramatically. 'Homepage landers' vs 'non-homepage landers' is a particularly important split to look at: Often on mobile, a greater proportion of organic traffic lands on the homepage. In all likelihood, sites will probably not drop in search results for their brand terms, which usually drive the bulk of homepage traffic.

Any other thoughts?

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Looking across the water.
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