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"..For that, he was recognized within Mexico and internationally. In 2011, Valdez received an International Press Freedom Award from the CPJ. He traveled to New York City, donned a tuxedo, and attended the organization’s annual ceremony in a ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. “I have been a journalist these past 21 years and never before have I suffered or enjoyed it this intensely, nor with so many dangers,” Valdez said in his CPJ acceptance speech. “The youth will remember this as a time of war. Their DNA is tattooed with bullets and guns and blood, and this is a form of killing tomorrow. We are murderers of our own future.”..."

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"..Flexing muscles, whether literally, metaphorically or politically, is a kind of readying for battle, of a potentially violent encounter, in which masculinity is aggressively asserted. This assertion of hypermasculinism, however, is predicated on violence; violence is often its first resort, and its message is unequivocal. Everyone who does not subscribe to this hypermasculinist regime, to such cultures of masculinism, is vulnerable — individually and collectively, personally and politically.

As a culture that has acknowledged androgyny, cherished hybridity, advocated non-violence and celebrated difference, we need to first recognise hypermasculinism for what it is and then repudiate the cultures of masculinism that are now on the ascendant. As a society we must resist the transformation of our public and private spaces into akharas where might is right. And as a polity, we must insist on a political culture that banishes the violence of hypermasculinism from our midst.."

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A plus student, who left RSS recently, was chased and beaten to death by a group of people. Police arrested six people and all are workers of RSS.

The incident happened in Alapuzha district in Kerala on Wednesday night. Left Democratic Front (LDF) and opposition UDF have called for a dawn to dusk hartal in the district on Friday in protest against the brutal murder.

18 year old Anathu was taken to hospital after he was severely attacked by the group but succumbed to injuries.

The local CPI(M) and CPI leaders alleged RSS of targeting the student for leaving the party and claimed that action should be taken against RSS leaders in the area.

Son of Ashokan and Vimala, Nandu alias Ananthu, was a plus student in Vayalar Ramavarma school. Reports said he was an RSS activist and used to attend their programmes including daily shakhas. However, his ties with RSS leaders in the area worsened after he decided to quit the party and reportedly thought of joining a left party.

Anantu was beaten to death during the festival in Vayalar Neelimangalam temple after the group sent a friend of him to take him to the place where RSS workers assemble for meeting.

The group reportedly started beating Ananthu when he was brought to the place and they kicked him several times when he tried to run away.

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Home Campus voice Need Not To Believe In What Media Is Negatively Mentioning About Him...
Need Not To Believe In What Media Is Negatively Mentioning About Him – Reactions From Friends of Rajini Krish
By Campus Journo - March 14, 2017 804 0

Muthu Krishan, known as Rajini Krish, a 25-year-old M. Phil student of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Dalit activist has been allegedly committed suicide in South Delhi’s Munirka Vihar on Monday evening. He had been at the forefront of the movement for justice for his friend and another Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula, who was institutionally murdered in Hyderabad last year. The sad demise of Rajini Krish is also called as another institutional murder as various allegations in social media say that he did not get any guide to supervise his MPhil in history at JNU History department.

Here are responses from some of his classmates and co-activists.

Pallikonda Manikanta

We know who Krish is what he is. Need not to believe in what media is negatively mentioning about him. When we reached the flat police were already present and the entire residential area was calm and inside flat police were thr. Somehow Vikas Kumar Moola who was sleeping in krish’s room at jhelum got to know something bad happened to Krish. He suddenly called Praveen thalapally and then me, Praveen n aakash rushed to munirka vihar. We were hopeful that it can’t be Krish and din inform to anyone since we four didn’t see the body of the person. Once we reached four of us went inside flat. We were shocked to see police inside and then dead body. It’s Krish. What else can we expect when police were thr inside the flat and reached first at the site by not informing anyone ? Finally every dalit student suicide reasoned with personal problem. Bloody..

Sunkanna Velpula

Dear Muttu Krishna! You should not have done this to you…..
Your life is precious than University Degree…

Once you consoled Rohit’s mother Radhikamma and you wrote an article about the pain of a mother who lost her son but finally you too invited your mother to undergo the same pain. It’s very pathetic. You wrote about the struggle that you have gone through to reach JNU but you failed to understand one thing that living alive is more important than reaching JNU. It is true as you have written that “when equality is denied everything is denied. There is no Equality in M.phil/phd Admission, there is no equality in Viva–voce, there is only denial of equality, denying prof. Sukhadeo Thorat recommendation, denying students protest places in Ad–block, denying the education of the Marginalized”. But you failed to understand one thing that it is not a new phenomenon and you are not the only one who is facing it. Every M.Phil and Ph.D. scholar from marginalized sections one way or the other are facing caste based discriminations and humiliation. For centuries our forefathers were denied equality and justice and we have got the same denial as a hereditary. And we are few who have crossed all these barriers and reached to higher education and we are just one step behind in reaching our dreams to stand with our family and our community. Why were you so hurry like Rohith Vemula? It’s not you alone who has gone through discrimination and humiliation but also our parents and family members. They starved for our sake, they worked like slave for our sake and they bared all sorts of discriminations and humiliations to see our future as beautiful. They were living with a hope that one day all these sorrows will disappear from their life and you were that hope. But you have become unconcern and chosen your own path to leave this world by leaving your parents in grief forever. You have become so selfish and left this world by throwing your parents in everlasting pains and sorrows. We have not chosen but we born here. We do not even know why we born here; we just landed here without any mission. But our life and future has become so much important for our parents, that is why they starved and made you a scholar. You being alive itself is everything for your parents but you completely ignored them and said goodbye.

Neither JNU nor HCU is our target; our goals and our life are higher than the degrees of JNU and HCU. Living alive itself the highest degree. Your university degree will only help you to get a job but lakhs and crores of the people living happily without holding any degree. You have a family which is more precious than your university degrees. But just for the sake of university degree leaving your precious life and family is an unjustifiable mistake you have committed.

You should not have done this my dear brother KRISH…

Dontha Prasanth

I met you in 2013, when you came to University of Hyderabad, but still aspiring to enter JNU.I saw you in 2014 preparing hard to seek entrance in to JNU
While in 2015, you were denied admission in JNU through Viva-Voce
But in 2016 you entered JNU and challenged the yells of meritocracy…

In the midst of escapists from the community, you were one committed person who on your bicycle go from hostel to library via department yet join the movements for social justice. At a point of time, when even those who got direct help from the organization and the socially boycotted students, boycotted us in fear, you stood with us for most of the time at Velivaada.

I do not know whether there is anything beyond life, perhaps after having buried, you may add yourself to the mass of energy and contribute for furthering the human civilization. But our history tells that your death will not even shake conscience of the casteist mindsets who looked down upon you, who heckled at you, who refused to talk to you, who refused to share collective knowledge and wisdom with you, denied your share of public space. They instead would celebrate our deaths, and would strike off one rebel who works against their hegemony.

Remember what the society has done to Rohith Vemula after his death. It has forgotten the atrocities leveled against him and four of us who are struggling to live in the very same university which killed Rohith Vemula, It could conveniently forget the systemic attacks carried on Radhika Vemula and Raja Vemula for taking up the struggle seeking Justice for Rohith Vemula.

It is a great loss for us, today when Dickens Leonard M was quoting Vellaisamy of your loss, he said ” We have lost Rajini Krish, who is irreplaceable, the experience of engaging in tasks of casual labour combined with attaining education and reaching the phase of higher education is an unimaginable task, the experience that he gained and the struggle that he endured is now lost with his ideas ended up with his death. The community lost Rajini Krish, who is irreplaceable”

Remembering Rajini Krish…

Charan Teja

Krish Rajini now who will tell those stories of sorrow,pain, love and unfinished journeys? You simply buried thousands of unheard, unrecorded stories.
I thought you will become an earthy story teller but you became a story..

Anirbhan Bhattacharya

“We saw the body-bag containing Krish Rajini ‘s body being pushed inside that cold mortuary. But that body-bag didn’t just contain Krish‘s body. It contained a whole lot of questions that the system prefers to keep in that cold storage.

I knew Krish when he came for his M.phil interview last year. We discussed his proposal before his interview. He wanted to locate the largely invisibilized question of caste in the demographic changes brought about by late-colonial policies. He was ecstatic to get through. He was a first generation learner. And the only one from his village who made this far. He was evidently excited about his research. But what was bothering him? What were those constraints? Why is a first generation learner from a dalit background forced to commit suicide in a university space? Why our university spaces are not being able to provide that support and environ where he could sustain his life and studies? Why are our universities being turned into graves for those from oppressed background? These are just few of those questions. The Brahmanical stranglehold over universities has in fact further tightened under the grip of the present saffron regime that is hellbent on ironing out all dissent, on further constraining the space for the voices of the oppressed, and in shutting their doors for them.

Beyond that first day we would meet Krish more often in the protest sites as we fought together against the casteist and communal moves of the administration. In his death, he has left us all in grief, in anguish. But more than that, in his life he left us with the following words: “When equality is denied everything is denied. There is no Equality in M.phil/phd Admission, there is no equality in Viva-voce, there is only denial of equality, denying prof. Sukhadeo thorat recommendation, denying Students protest places in Ad-block, denying the education of the Marginals”. It’s most pertinent to say that those were his last words in social media, his last public expression.”
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