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Stonewell 2.4
 Hi y'all! Totally been slacking on getting these up in a timely manner, but I;m making up for that right now and I'm going to try my best to not let time get away from me again. After the jump is a DOUBLE update so be warned there are about 100 pictures in...

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Stonewell 2.3
Hi guys! I know I am failing big time at getting more than one up a week with these. I'm not making promises this time, so yeah, I'm gonna try, but we'll see if I get to it. I'm trying to force myself back into blogging both here and my nail blog so that I'...

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Stonewell 2.2
Hi y'all! Time for another Stonewell update! I meant to get more than I did up last week but then I just.. didn't. Sorry about that! I will definitely try to get at least two posts up this week so that I can try and get caught up to where I am in game! Now ...

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Build A City Challenge Rules
I by no means take complete credit for these rules.. but there were no rules set that I liked ALL of it so I took several different ones, mixed them together, and also made my own tweeks so that I could play my own way. Thinking about starting one of these ...

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Stonewell 2.1
Hi there! Ready for some more Stonewell antics? We're all set to get started on generation 2! I'm so excited to get these all posted too. So excited! Especially since generation 4 has just been born in game! Yes.. I've played that far ahead. Posting only on...

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Generation three will be starting soon..
 Welp! I'm back with another update and look at how cute Flower and Lavendar are together. We're now getting ready to start generation three and I think the naming theme is going to be flowers so right after I post this I'm going to be looking up flower nam...

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The Cobbler family update One!
  Hello! So I've been slacking right now at posting on here. And I've pretty much decided that Legacy stories just aren't for me. I always forget to take pictures, I forget to post them, and when I DO remember, I don't like doing it. Actually taking, editin...

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SimCity 4 Region Building: Starting your first city
Let me start this off first off by saying, I'm no expert at this game, to be perfectly honest, this game frustrates me to no end due to the fact that everytime I start getting my city built up, I start loosing money and go bankrupt and get ~voted out of off...

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New House Building!
 Wooo! Today I have a house tour to share with everyone. Once I built the last house and moved Peach and Adam into it, then decided to make it a legacy, I immediately realized, that house wasn't going to be big enough at all for that generation PLUS future ...

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Cobbler Legacy! 1.1
 Gonna be starting up another legacy, can't wait until this gets started more. The first post isn't gonna be the best either, decided to make it a legacy part way through. Which means at some point they might even need to move into a bigger house, that part...
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