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İyi Sanatçılar Kopyalar , Büyük Sanatçılar ÇALAR , Hayat Felsefem dir good artists copy great artists steal.
İyi Sanatçılar Kopyalar , Büyük Sanatçılar ÇALAR , Hayat Felsefem dir good artists copy great artists steal.

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Los Angeles Galaxy v Colorado Rapids

DENVER, CO - APRIL 21: The Los Angeles Galaxy versus the Colorado Rapids at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on April 21, 2012 in Commerce City, Colorado. (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/Colorado Rapids)

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Are you ready for Rally Portugal?
Good luck to the #FordWRC team!

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Eğer Bruce Lee değilseniz mınçıka ile masa tenisi oynamak zordur.

Masa Tenisi Raketlerimize aşağıdaki linkten ulaşabilirsiniz.

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Why Cloud Computing is a Step Backwards – for You!

Everybody wants to put your data inside their cloud these days, but it is a step backwards to mainframe computing. All the power and data resided in a giant computer – the mainframe – and you could only “peek” into it – as opposed to owning it – by using a dumb terminal.

A terminal without a mainframe was useless.

Yesterday’s terminals are today’s “cloud-enabled devices” – small underpowered machines only meant to “connect” you to your data.

Google, Apple and many other companies want to suck you into their clouds – because once they have your data, they won’t give it back – at least not so easily. Once they have a certain amount of “your life” on their servers, it’s too much of a hassle for you to switch services or even delete your data. There is also the “social inconvenience”, because all your friends and colleagues are linked to the cloud and have their “cloud lives” linked to yours.

A backup or transfer of your “cloud life” to your machine or another provider is often cumbersome or even impossible. (So much for open standards...)

The so called “vendor lock-in” was IBM’s cash cow until personal computing arrived.

The Advent of Personal Computing

Desktop computing often gave us less than perfect software, but at least we had everything on our computers and on our hard drives. The personal computer literally put “information and processing power at our fingertips”. Your data, software and your CPU belonged to you – no stinking net connection required to “reach it”.

The Convenience Factor

But we, the consumer demand simplicity instead of control over our own data, that is why so many people complacently welcome the switch to “dumb web 2.0 terminals”. Less hassle and less knowledge required...

It’s so much nicer to have Google (or any another data centre) take care of “your” cloud. You just use the cloud, you don’t need to keep it up and running, update anything or even do a backup.

But dear consumer: Be careful what you wish for!

Do you really think that even bigger computer companies will play nice, once they got you by the balls? Do you really want to base your digital life – let alone your business around the freemium model?

Don't “chain” yourself to the cloud providers.

If we are ever denied access, we are locked out of our own data, e-mail, tweets, profiles and our whole online identity. In the upcoming future, with a cloud based operating system we might even be locked out of our own computers.

Always try to own your own data! Especially considering the worst case scenario: Trying to get your data back from your crashed computer is one thing, getting your data back from a server somewhere on this planet is a totally different game.

You don’t own the cloud – the cloud owns you!

Column by +Dieter Mueller
This is a guest column: for more information or if you consider writing one yourself read our previous post:

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