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Cottington Woods
"Once upon a time, there was Cottington Woods..."
"Once upon a time, there was Cottington Woods..."


*Come join us for the Tales from the Cotting House Adventure Day!*

Excited about Tales, and want to meet your fellow players, NPCs, and Staff? Have questions you want to ask the Staff about the world and character build? Want to help raise some money for the game to cover expenses? Want a chance to experience the world and run through encounters, modules, and battles? Want to play your new character, or play different classes to try them out? This is your chance!

As we promised when we announced the start of Tales that we'd run a Player Day on April 1, we are now formally announcing our April Fools Event. Oh, what fools we may all be...!

WHEN: April 1, 2017, from 11am-5pm
WHERE: Eagle Pass Camp, 38 Walker Road, Wales, MA 01081

EVENT COST: $40 for PCs (free for NPCs)
(This covers site rental fees for the event, and if we have enough players, may contribute to fundraising to cover annual expenses such as LARP Insurance and Storage Fees)

TO PREREGISTER: Go to, log in to the site, then click on "About" then "Events." As a PC, you can preregister there.


While we haven't determined the schedule of events yet, we will have numerous activites packed into these 6 hours! You earn CP from attending (and this is a one-day event for our NPCs), but also can earn CP in other ways. See below for more details:

LARP YARD SALE: We encourage one and all alike to bring LARP goods that they would like to sell or exchange to a LARP Yard Sale. For our PCs, this is a great way to earn CP: whatever you bring to the Yard Sale, the money from the sale will go to Tales as a Donation. You will then earn the sales price in CP, and the buying PC will earn half the sales price in CP. It's a win-win for all around!

BAKE SALE: We will have baked goods and food, such as chilli, available for purchase. They will be clearly labelled with ingredients for those with allergies.

RAFFLE: You can purchase raffle tickets to win great prizes. We are still in the process of gathering prizes to be raffled, so more to come on that!

SILENT AUCTION: We will also have goods up for auction!

VENDOR TABLES: We are reaching out to local LARP and other businesses to have vendors present to sell their goods. Even if you don't intend on playing Tales/Cottington, this is a great chance to do some LARP shopping. (If you know any local merchants you'd like to recommend to us, please drop me a line at thepressedfairy @ gmail DOT com. Likewise, if you are a merchant, let me know if you'd like to rent a table!)

-- Meet the Tales Staff!
-- Ask Questions of the GMs! (Have burning questions about the world? rules? things for your character backstory? Here's a chance to meet with and talk to the GMs)
-- How to Write a Character History (especially for Tales)
-- How to Write a Good PEL

MODULES!! We will be running a number of in-game modules. This is a chance to play your new characters. Or, if you're still deciding, a chance to play some different headers to get a feel for what Tales will be like and what the skills are. And even if you're not playing Tales, a chance to LARP for a day!

These will include the following (working titles only; specifics may change; how many and how often we run/repeat them will be dependent on NPC numbers, or PCs taking NPC shifts).
-- "ZOMBIES IN THE WITCHES' GROVE" - this is based on an encounter that ran in the original Cottington Woods campaign. A number of players have asked for its return (as they missed it), and so it's returning - a fight-heavy encounter
-- "A WONDERFUL PUZZLE" - an encounter set in Alice's Wonderland, focusing heavily on problem solving and puzzles
-- INTO THE RAT TUNNELS: A rogue's module
-- "SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE" - a Slumberlands Encounter
-- WOLF HUNT -- a fighting encounter to playtest both large and small battles
-- INTO A STORY - a fairytale/story based adventure along the lines of modules/storylines we have and will run

As a Tales Player, there are numerous ways to Earn CP! You can earn CP by:
- donating baked goods for the bake sale - 2.5 CP per batch
- donating potluck style food for the bake/sale (such as a crockpot of chilli, etc) - 2.5 CP per crockpot sized item, or large portion beverage
- selling items in the LARP Yard Sale - varies (See above)
- donating Gift Baskets for the Raffle. Gift Baskets should be LARPing or Fairytale themed, such as: Spell Packet Gift Basket; Brer/Golem Makeup Kit Gift Basket; Fairy Tale Books Gift Basket; Parchment & Sealing Wax Gift Basket; etc; or something that people would generally like (Teas & Coffees; Chocolates; etc.); or small items (contact us if you have ideas) - 5 CP per basket/item
- donating items for the Silent Auction. If you are a crafter, or willing to offer your crafting services, please contact us to donate an item. Examples can be: weapons, jewellry, masks, leather goods, artwork (ie, offering to do a drawing or painting of someone's character), baked goods (ie, custom cake of their choice), custom costume pieces or already made costume pieces, etc. - varies based on the value of the item

If you are interested in DONATING to earn CP, please send us an email to

(Note for those new to Tales, our CP scale tends to be 5 CP in Tales = 1 CP in most Accelerant Games.)

More details on CP, what will be offered at the Bake Sale, Raffle, and Auction, and what Sessions & Modules will be offered will be forthcoming as final details are done.


Vendors / Mini Craft Fair
We'd like to offer crafters and merchants the chance to sell their wares at the event. Bring your own booth, table, blanket, whatever. We debated how to handle this, so we're offering vendors a choice. Vending is a $30 fee, with all proceeds going to Cottington Woods props and costuming of course. We're happy to accept the $30 fee up front, but we also know that there's always the question of whether it will be profitable for you or not. So here's the alternative we are offering: Come set up your booth and offer your wares. Give Cottington 10% of your sales up to a maximum of $30. For example, if you sell nothing, it costs you nothing. If you sell $100 worth of goods, you only give us $10, but if you sell $300, you give us $30. If you sell $1000 worth of goods, you still only give us $30. Sound good? If interested, please contact us at


If you have any questions, please let us know!

See you all in the Woods on the 1st!

& Tales Staff
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** ANNOUNCING A NEW LARP FOR 2017: Tales from the Cotting House **

The wind whispers through the trees of the Woods, as if to carry secrets to the ears of those who can understand it. Leaves dance within its fingers as it flows through the open window of the Cotting House, rustling the pages of Alice's Book where it rests on the table, its Words telling the tales of five years past.

Music and laughter and talk fill the air within the Cotting House, as locals and travelers alike gather to tell their tales and share news of lands near and distant, and ward away the dangers that still lurk within the Woods when the sun goes down. The wounds of the War are healing and the fear of the Evil Fairy Queen is fading from memory. The Cotting House has become a waystation and the gathering place of the people of the Woods. Some travel here just to visit the place where the newest Patron walked and wrote her tales, or to see where the most unlikely of Heroes gathered into the Woods to save the Houselands. Some come because it is said that it to find your own tale, you must first venture into the Woods, for here is where all Quests truly begin.

The door to the tavern suddenly bursts open and two figures burst in, one with a red-trimmed hood guarding the other, a long white stole trailing from their shoulders. A sudden hush follows as heads turn, and the wind, as if eager, races past them to flip the pages of the Book, stopping suddenly upon a blank page.

A new story has begun.


We are happy to announce a new LARP, "TALES FROM THE COTTING HOUSE," to start in 2017.

We have 2 events planned presently for 2017:
June 23-25
October 20-22

Tales from the Cotting House begins years after the events from the original Cottington Woods campaign ended. While this campaign will be set within Cottington Woods, and feature people, places, and events you may be familiar with from the first Campaign as a backdrop, this is an entirely new series of stories, and will thus feature many new NPCs and entirely new storylines. This is not a continuation of Cottington Woods, nor an epilogue.

This will, however, feature a different format than the original Campaign. Whereas most LARPs can be thought of as a Novel or a Series, where there is an overarching beginning, middle, and end spanning all events, and missing an event means missing crucial details to the story, Tales from the Cotting House is instead a collection of Short Stories: an episodic campaign with plots beginning and ending in a single event. While there will be an overarching theme/plot that connects all the Tales, we are designing this campaign so that missing an event does not mean you miss out on what will be happening next event. We're going to try out some new things here that we hope you will all enjoy!

This will also allow us to tell stories and fairytales we wanted to in the original Campaign but never got a chance to, and explore some new ways of telling stories than we had before.

We will also be using the format we pioneered with our "Neverland" event: Friday nights will be in-game at the Tavern only with plot running only from 10pm-1am, giving a headstart on the weekend's events and to interact with NPCs and their fellow PCs. This allows us to setup, but allows those for whom starting on Friday is more hassle than not to show up on Saturday, or arrive any time necessary on Friday and go to sleep without fear of missing something crucial. The main campaign will start on Saturday morning at 10am and run through early Sunday afternoon. We also hope that this will allow everyone to get a decent amount of sleep during the weekend and not be exhausted Sunday evening when you drive home.

Finally, because this is geared towards plotlines being mostly encapsulated within an event, it is also easy for players who wish to explore additional character concepts to bring in new characters each event if they desire. CP for Tales will be tied to the Player, not the Character, so you can explore new concepts without worrying that you've lost skill/CP progress.

Existing Cottington characters are most certainly welcome to return, though we may be making some rule simplifications/changes before Tales begins. Stay tuned for more information on that!

We hope you will join us for the next Tales to be told within our Woods. Please feel free to reply or reach out to staff to let us know you'll be playing (or NPCing!) the Game so that we can begin planning.

Character concepts, if you're excited to begin, can be submitted to characters @

Please pass the word along! We look forward to welcoming you into the Woods again next year.

Much love,
John, Michelle & the Cottington Woods staff


For those who like FAQs, we tried to answer some common questions we've been getting from those who heard about Tales before this announcement:

** What is Tales of the Cotting House? **

This is NOT a Cottington Woods 2, or even an "Epilogue" of the original Cottington Woods. While characters from the original Cottington Woods will certainly appear again, this is instead a collection of new tales and plots to be told in the Cottington Woods world.

If Cottington Woods was a novel, this is a collection of short stories. It will be episodic, with the plots of each event beginning and ending within that event. While there will be an overarching theme/plot that will ultimately tie the events of Tales together, it is purposefully being designed so that players who miss an event will not feel as if they've "missed out" or that they are now "behind" in the campaign. This also makes it easier for new players to join after the game begins.

** What will events be like? **

Tales will use the format we pioneered with the January "Neverland" event of Cottington Woods: Friday nights will be setup and "Roleplay" encounters in the Tavern only, with the main game beginning at 10am on Saturday and running through early afternoon Sunday. Thus, there will be Plot Friday night from 10pm-1am for those who participate (clues about the main plot and a chance to interact with NPCs), but you'll all be able to get to bed at a very reasonable hour. If Friday is too much of a hassle to arrive on time for you, you can miss Friday night without missing the main plots of the event.

We may also experiment with running some "old style" Module Days going forward as well as one-day events.

** How often will you run? **

We are currently planning to run 2 Events per year, attempting to be somewhat outside mainstream LARP Spring/Fall dates.

Events for 2017 will take place on:
June 23-25
October 20-22

It is possible we may add a playtest/one-day event before the first full weekend, but it's also possible we may not. More to come as we finalize details.

** Where will Tales take place? **

Events will be held at Eagle Pass Camp in Wales, MA. This is a brand new LARP site custom built for LARPers. The new Monster Camp will have heat and AC, with sleeping quarters and bathrooms in the building. This will be a much nicer and more comfortable site to run at!

In-game, the setting will remain Cottington Woods.

** Can I play my Character from the original Campaign? **

Yes. Existing characters may return, or you may start a new character.
We are discussing simplifying some of our rules, so stay tuned for information on CP and Rules for returning (and new) characters.

** I Want to Start Planning a Character Now... **

While the is still being updated, you may use the existing character information on the website to get an idea of what cultures and classes to play. Note that there may be some minor changes once we've had a chance to revisit the rules.

You are certainly welcome to reach out to staff and start submitting character ideas!

Please submit concepts to characters @ cottingtonwoods .com

** Are the PCs the Heroes of the campaign? **

Yes. The PCs are the heroes, but note that in fairytales, many of the heroes are the "common people" - the little tailor who defeated the giant, the Woodcuter who killed the Big Bad Wolf. In Cottington, we encourage you to play the unsung heroes who, over the course of the campaign, find the hero within themselves. We do not allow PCs to play royalty or nobility.

Note that we will be emphasizing the heroic aspect that PCs embody in a fairytale world. While we will not force you to be "goodly" - we do encourage flaws and weaknesses within characters - we will not reward evil behavior in the game, and are creating stories to allow PCs to be heroes and to do what is right. If you prefer a game world that allows you to be villainous, then this might not be the game for you. Dark heroic headers that PCs could obtain in the original campaign, such as Nightmare-sworn and Dark Witchery, will not be PC classes in Tales. We found it is difficult enough to create a framework of stories to allow PCs to become heroes without also accommodate villains and betrayals, and given how those can directly contradict one another when villains willfully betray the efforts of the town, we have decided we are not encouraging or rewarding that within this campaign.

** Who is Staff for Tales from the Cotting House? **

We're going to hold off on the Staff announcement for right at this moment, only because we're waiting to hear back from a couple of individuals and don't want to make several announcements that might confuse people as to who is/is not on Staff. You can expect that many of the people who brought you the original Cottington Woods are returning, both as Staff and NPCs, to bring the next Tales to life - but we are also excited about some NEW people who will be joining our staff, and cannot wait to share who they are and the tales the will tell with all of you! :)

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*COTTINGTON WOODS FINAL EVENT TEASER #4 (for reals, this time)*

_There is a crack, almost like thunder, and then an accompanying flash - not quite light, but like it, a blinding moment like the memory of the passing of time - as suddenly the fairy wind whips at you, catching the sails and pulling the Jolly Roger off its course. You grab for rails, for rigging, for anything that will keep you onboard as the ship tilts, rising up and down again in rapid succession.

You see the surging storm cloud then. Roiling, black, flashes of purple light within it. It is dark as nightmare, and the hairs on the back of your neck raise, a dread premonition as it crashes down upon your ship..._

The Jolly Roger rocks as the dark storm crashes into the ship, and it tilts dangerously to the side for a moment, nearly capsizing. You grasp at anything that will hold you, desperately holding on, trying not to think what would happen if you fell overboard.

Dark tendrils of mist have enveloped parts of the ship, and with it, many of your friends, sweeping them down and into the swirling storm.

There’s a moment of almost silence, the deafening quiet after the crack, the moment of realization of what is lost, when suddenly it is shattered by a voice rising up in song, a joyful counter to the maelstrom.

Jasper, desperately straining against the wheel of the ship, has begun to sing, a voice empowered with the inspiration only a Bard and Troubadour can bring, bringing the remembrance of happiness to all of you. Rian rushes over, grabbing at the wheel and digging her heels in, pulling it up slowly to force the ship upright again, allowing Jasper to sing.

He’s joined quickly by Sage, and then others, lifting their voice in song, and there is a new moment of stillness, as if the fairy mists all about pause to listen.

There’s no hesitation then on the part of the heroes who remain. Gentian anchors herself as a Cornerstone to those here, and those lost, and calls out to those to come home, to their anchor, grounding the thoughts of happiness deep onto the ship.

Durin and Johan quickly reach out then, grabbing upon threads of dreams that is suddenly revealed, and as if rewoven at that moment around them, threads of dream glitter within the darkness of fairy mists and nightmarish possibilities about them. Aylce, Varg, Snowflake, and Yorick join them, the Arichtects weaving a lifeline, the Adepts staving off the dark threads that seek to pull them in as well, the Empaths finding a way to the dreams of those lost in the maelstrom.

Tess and Daryne lay down a Luminality and begin a ritual, lending magic to the efforts of their brethren, seeking to pull back the mists, and Sebastian and Solveig lend the strength of Craft, the wildness so close to the mists, to the rite.

And in that moment, Chloe and Chione, pulled by the Cornerstorne, pulled by magic and craft and the need of those, appears, almost ghostlike, out of the fairy mists. Chloe calls out to the Last Guardian, beseeching their ally for aid. All about, there is still the raging fairy mists, as if reflecting the ongoing battle between Arafel and Baeldannen, but all those Fairy Touched can suddenly sense the attention of the Guardian of the Woods, seeking the Jeweled who called within the darkness of the storm.

Chione gathers the Children of the Moon then, and they call out to their Mother. A sudden, tenuous beam of light filters down, illuminating the ship, drawing attention to its presence.

In that sudden illumination, Maxwell Witnesses the efforts around him, drawing the attention of the Patrons, a divine prayer lifted to the wind that is Answered.

The fairy mists swirl, and for a moment Arafel stands among them, her magic seeping about and through the heroes there, empowering their efforts. The mists swirl again, and she is gone - Chione and Chloe with her - but her attention and power is lent to all of you.

Song, magic, dream, craft, faith. Mortal magic and mortal being, a force of change in the possibilities about them. Will and desire, and the cornerstone of all that in the center.

The mists swirl, rise up, pull back. The Maelstrom, a dark premonition of fairy magic and nightmarish possibility recedes away, as if pulled apart thread by thread from within as without, it reveals your lost companions, returned again to the Jolly Roger.

The storm is not over, and you are not yet home, but you are together again.
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Our final campaign dates have been determined:

A One-Day Event at Eagle Pass Camp in Wales, MA, on May 21.

Our Campaign Finale Weekend Event at Camp Frank A Day on June 17-19.

Thank you all! We look forward to see you there!!
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To all our beloved players and cast,

Again, we are deeply sorry about the event cancellation.  While it as the right thing to do, and no doubt you are all relieved to not be playing in the freezing cold, rain, and snow with no running water, it was still not an easy decision to make, and we know some of you are and will be deeply disappointed at not having the ending to the game you desired.

We also want to thank you - not only for being so understanding, but for so quickly responding to our event dates poll.

While there are still a few people who didn't vote, the overwhelming majority of you have, and the overwhelming majority have chosen June 17-19, 2016.

Let it be known that Arafel has brought forth the power of the Woods and of the coming Summer, and decreed near and far that the weekend of June 17-19, 2016 is the finale of Cottington Woods.

So it is Witnessed, so it is Written.


There's always a but.

We understand that this may be upsetting and disappointing to those of you who cannot make the June weekend date, but who COULD make a May weekend date.  So, we are going to ask all of you to participate in one last poll.

We are considering running a One-Day Event on Saturday May 21 in addition to the Weekend Finale on June 17-19.  This would allow us to give some wrap up / resolution for those who cannot make June. 

That being said, the majority of the plot and the real wrap up will be in June. We encourage everyone to come to the June event. 

A number of our amazing NPCs cannot make May. You won't, for example, see Baeldannen or Amice, Riley Goodman or Berthold, Geoffrey, Vessa or the Lady of the Pool, Talsyn or the Toymaker, and a number of others in May, but you would in June. 

We will ONLY run a One-Day event if:
 - we have enough NPCs preregister for both events that we believe we can run the plots that need to be run
 - we have enough PCs register for both that we can financially afford to run both events without putting ourselves too much in the hole
 - we have enough PCs register for both events that we feel it will still make for a climatic ending. If too many PCs opt out of June if we do both, we'll keep it at a June only event. 

So, go forth, beloved players and NPCs!  Vote again in this new poll, and please vote by Friday 4/8 so we can plan and confirm dates:

Thank you!

Michelle, John & Cottington Staff
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Cottington Woods Teaser #4 or *EVENT POSTPONED* :(
Baeldannen sat upon the Dragon Bone Throne and looked out over the worlds, both Written and otherwise.  "Ha!" she said, because that is so something she'd say.  "Ha, I say.  These so called heroes are a thorn in my side."  She turned to Leandra, who stood across from her and kicked a nearby puppy.  "No offense." 
Leandra shrugged.  "Like, ohmygawd, were you going somewhere with this?"
Baeldannen arched a brow.  "Yes."
Leandra waited, and finally the evil fairy queen went on.  "These heroes.  They are the reason I can't have nice things.  What if..."
"What if?"
"What if I brought back winter, though they thought it would be spring?"
Leandra chuckled.  "They are LARPers my queen.  They are not adverse to a bit of cold weather."
"But what if!"  Baeldannen began again. 
"What if I then removed all running water from the Cotting House where they dwell?"
Leandra frowned, considering.  "So, freezing temperatures?  Muddy conditions?  No running water?  And not enough power to support the heaters of space?  My queen, you are cunning to be sure."
Baeldannen reached behind her to pat herself on the back.  "I am.  And that is what I shall do."
The End.
So, yeah, what this means is that not only do we have freezing conditions, but Camp Frank A. Day does not have running water.  The plumbers warned the camp that if they did turn the water on, then the pipes, which are un-insulated, could freeze and burst.
That said, what this means is that I am compelled to postpone the event.  This is a very hard choice for me to make for so many reasons.  We're so close to the end - it is the final event.  I'm certain that donations have been purchased.  I was this close to getting my garage back!  It sucks, and I am sorry.
We're working on a replacement date.  These are our options:  
Please, all staff, NPCs (perm or otherwise), and players, go here and tell us all the dates that are available to you.  We'll touch base as soon as we can.
Again, I am very sorry to do this at such the last minute.
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Cottington Woods Finale Teaser #3

The Jolly Roger rocks from port to starboard, and you lose sight of the city of Farraway.  Your side of the ship faces the sky and the roiling clouds make your stomach lurch.  Grasping the railing you cast your gaze across to the other side of the deck and see the ground come into sight again.  Again the Fairy Mists confuse your eyes and you plunge into a vision of sorts.  The city is gone and you look far to the north.  A mountain rises high above the tree line.  Mount OverMarsh, so tall you could almost touch it if it weren't so far away.
The mountain is not truly consumed by shadows, but it crawls with them, and the sudden vision makes it appear to ooze.  Blackness seeps along the mountain ways, between the cracks in the stone, and taints everything it touches.  Shadows slink about the tunnels and passageways that once way filled with the chattering of goblins.  Some of the shadows were once goblins themselves, touched and taken.  No light reaches the dark and friendless place now, and those creatures that slink nearer the surface avoid any place that light might touch. 
In the darkest of those dark places, something stirs - the ghost of one who never belonged there, touched by the shadow as well.
Nearby, something else stirs.
The darkness is so deep you fear you could fall from the ship and lose yourself to it, so it is with some relief that the far railing rises again and the mountain disappears from sight. 
Ahead, a new blackness sweeps toward you...
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Cottington Woods Finale Teaser #2

The storm clouds roll in, rocking the ship, causing it to lurch up then sharply down as if riding a dangerous wave.  You grab whatever is nearby, desperately holding on, not entirely certain happy thoughts would keep you flying should you be pitched overboard.
As the ship rocks downward, it suddenly seems as if the sky opens up before you, and for a moment, you see the Houselands spread out far below, the raging war like the last stages of a giant chess game where a few pieces still valiantly struggle for checkmate.  Smoke rises high into the sky over Farraway City, and your sight suddenly sharpens -- you witness a sort of vision.  You see rippling where the elemental gates had opened, a flood of Fire Elementals, Frostwroth warriors, and Clubland soldiers pouring through to begin the attack on the unsuspecting city.  The fires, flaring, and the city begins to burn.  You watch the battle pass before your eyes, so rapidly its hard to take in... so agonizingly slow, it feels as if you've sat there watching the month pass by.
So much of the city burns, but at the center of it High King Aaron and Captain Kelis William fight to hold what remains  The battle still rages, with both sides largely entrenched.  You see goblin tricksters, offering aid, using door magic to help the High King's Forces slip behind enemy lines.  You see the elemental spirits of water, again of their own mind, rising forth beside the Lady of the Pool to help extinguish the flames.
What could have been a certain victory for the invaders is not so certain.  The fight is still desperate, but allies have come - at your call, you know - to aid the beleaguered King.  The Fairy Queen's gates remain open.  The Frostwroth, united under Simrock and the Hoarfrost Banner, continue to bolster the Clubland Army far beyond the lesser numbers of the High King's forces.  
How much longer?  You see the High King fighting with his men, keeping their spirits strong,  and every now and again turning to look north towards the Woods, and the house that sits at its center.
You see Queen Belladonna of the Clublands, standing at council of war, with her husband, King Roderick, behind her.  His jaw is clenched, but his heart is gone.  It is clear who rules Collamoor now.
High Queen Aleena, standing among her loyal Silver Hounds, pens a message that she hands to Vance, who heads south from the city and into Cottington Woods.
To the Cotting House, as if knowing...
Another swell hits the Jolly Roger and the visions is torn asunder.  The ship surges upwards and you find yourself once more in the dark turmoil of the Fairy Mists, clinging to the rail.
"Happy Thoughts!" you shout, but you can see the next wave ahead.
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Cottington Woods Finale Teaser #1


"You can fly!"

Tinkerbell prances among you, showering pixie dust everywhere she goes. The ship continues to fly higher and higher, and under the direction of Jasper, takes off towards where Second Star to the Right hovers in the sky, opening the way out of Neverland back to your world. 

"Remember to think Happy Thoughts," the fairy reminds you as you get closer to the border of Neverland. "It's all that will keep you flying when I go back to Peter."

The thought of flying, and going home, is enough to keep the happy thoughts in your mind. Far beneath you, Neverland becomes smaller and smaller. No longer under a shadow, you can see how bright with childhood dreams this fairy land is. 

The ship suddenly rocks as it crosses into the Fairy Mists, and Tinkerbell frowns, darting to one side as if avoiding something. She reaches out and grabs something, and as she does even those without Dreamsight are able to see the dark strand in her grasp. "Unhappy thoughts," she frowns. "Strands of mortal nightmares. There's been more and more of these lately.  I thought they'd go away with the shadow."  She looks troubled a moment. "One end in fairy and one end in a mortal what purpose was this woven?"  Suddenly realizing that the strand is making her float back to the surface of the ship, as if weighed down by it, she lets it go, and flutters up once more. "You be careful, and don't touch too many, okay? Remember, you need happy thoughts to fly."

She flutters further up into the sky for a moment, as if to talk to Second Star, then returns back to you. "I'm going back to Peter now," she says. She points to where you can still see Second Star, high above. "You're in the Fairy Mists. In the Pathway of Neverland. Don't lose sight of her, and you'll be okay. She'll take you back to the mortal world, though she won't follow you across. She needs to keep the Way open for Lost Boys to find us again, now that Peter's back and remembers."

This high up, the Fairy Mists are like clouds all around you - some white and fluffy like a joyous summer day, and some dark and brooding like a winter storm. 

"You may see things as you fly above," Tinkerbell cautions. "About the world and things that have happened. May happen. Are happening. Fairy mists and dreams and the insights of your faith. Don't lose your way."

There is a crack, like thunder, distantly ahead, followed by the faintest feel of glamour as if flung from afar. Tinkerbell jumps, startled, and then takes to the air again. "I have to go," she says.  "Remember...Happy Thoughts."

And then she's gone, like a little star herself, one last trail of pixie dust behind her. 

And in her wake, the storm clouds roll in. 
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As the harvest draws to a close and autumn begins to fade to winter, folks about the Houselands prepare for the upcoming Harvest Day, and the two dark evenings that surround it: Lost Eve (which some call the Harvesters Eve) and Mists Eve.
Last Harvest Day is the celebration of the last of the harvest for the year and the end of Autumn. This is usually celebrated with feasting, pumpkin carving, and the creation of gifts to appease the spirits (both fairy and dead) on the coming evening.
It is said that in the evenings surrounding Last Harvest Days the Lands of the Dead, the Fairy Mists, and even the Slumberlands grow closer to the world, allowing for strange encounters. Many people put up superstitious signs and symbols and try to sleep through it. Others choose to enjoy gatherings and dares. Many people wear masks and disguises to fool evil spirits and such creatures, though in many cities masks are worn only at parties and celebrations held indoors. Those who live within the Woods celebrate indoors as well, but they whisper it is because no fool would be walking the Woods on the Mists Eve.
Lost Eve (or the Harvesters Eve) is the night before Last Harvest Day, and is more strongly associated with the Lands of the Dead. Mists Eve is the night of Harvest Eve, and is more strongly associated with the Slumberlands. On both nights the Fairy Mists draw close and pull in the unwary. Some people refer to both evenings as Mists Eve, as tales say the dead can be seen either night and Nightmares haunt both.
This year, the coming of the end of the Harvest seems particularly portentous, the nights carrying more than just the chill of cool air upon it.  Werewolf attacks have become frequent, and the baying of wolves - both were and not - are constant.  Darker things seem to be about in the evenings, and even the Fairies themselves war with each other, skirmishes between redcaps and other fairies occurring here and there.  And Winter, the touch of Death upon the land, has come early again, as if something within the Woods draws it near.

But it is the war that weighs heavily on everyone's mind:  Asylum is still held by the Clubland army.  That army that is attempting to march south - though that march, thanks to the efforts of those within Cottington Woods, is proving to be much more difficult than they had anticipated, harried by the Riding Hood and the Daring Men, turned around by Athyrium and Arafel and their fairies. But the army is persistent, and has not given up in trying to reach Farraway City.
Perhaps it is because of the looming war, but many find their dreams dark and full of nightmares, and some report a familiar shape in their dreams: a Lady cloaked in Nightmares.  Those who wake up screaming tell of the sound of knives scraping, and there are those few who never awaken at all.
It seems a darker time than many remember, and the coming festivities bring few smiles from those who would normally celebrate.  Even the moon slowly rising to full brings little calm... those who see that the Full Moon will fall on Mists Eve worry that it won't offer the brightness one might hope.
You find yourselves gathering again at the Cotting House to celebrate the Lost Eve, and prepare for the coming winter... and war.
Though the real Full Moon falls on Tuesday, because we cannot manipulate the moon as readily as we'd like, for In-Game Purposes, the Full Moon falls on Saturday night of this event.
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