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You should read "Search (SEEK book 1)" on #Wattpad. 

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The 5th Wave meets The Host in an epic new saga, SEEK.

“An intriguing read that any pre-teen or teen will enjoy!”—LitPick

Out of seven billion people, there’s only one thing we all have in common.
We search for what eludes us.
We evade what causes us sorrow.
We extract what doesn’t suit our needs.
And we kill to get what we want.
In the time it takes you to read this, two lives will be revoked and one spared. Some call it divine intervention, others say natural selection decides, but no one really knows for sure.
My name is Keira, and this is how I saved you.

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A great interview with the amazing scifi author LJ Cohen +Lisa Cohen 

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So amazing to hear such praise! Forget cloud nine, I'm about twenty right now. :-)

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There's nothing like holding your book in your hands for the first time!

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Check it out! I've been interviewed on Christopher John's (my amazing cover photographer) blog. But don't pay any attention to that, go check out his stunning photography. Be warned though, his models will leave you daydreaming of OTHER things, if you know what I mean. waggles eyebrows
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