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If you love me, my style, my blogs, humor, whatever -- please note that I love you too. I decided to come back after blogging with a group of friends. But I realise I dont belong here, on my own. I belong with my crew, blogging for fun. As much as I love th...

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089. Spring Colors
It may not be time to break out the shorts just yet here in PA, but that doesn't mean we can't start getting ready for spring. And well, there is no weather in SL - so who cares?!  It is bright and sunny outside, so I felt the need the make the most out of ...

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088. *Winky Face*
Do you like my bug eye classes? With my stash bag,  I think I look fashionable does a awkward pose and smiles Right... RIGHT? Anyway, I love this whole outfit, and after a day like today, I really needed to make myself look nice. I love the bow on this dr...

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Hey guys! I feel so warm and fuzzy
coming back to blog on my little home. I am so happy and giddy to be
where I belong. For my little welcome back party, I am going all out in
I love me some edgy clothing! So bring on the the red, black, and
skulls! I ...

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086. Soppy Love Songs, Ugh.
Okay. So usually I cut my boyfriends hair, and it goes fine.. but I
messed up this time and had to shave his whole damn head. Ugh. He was so
mad at me. It lead to a huge fight, with lots of yelling and me being
the drama queen I am… yeah well, you know. ...

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085. What a Doll, Baby.
I feel like a adult barbie doll in this outfit, and I really do not
think that is a bad thing! I feel so sexy in this cute little body suit
by Aerica’s Boutique at he Like Sales Room. Instead of making this post
100% M-Rated. I paired it with a skirt and...

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A little bit of crazy is ok, right?
I mean come on, who doesn’t want to have some fun once in a while? So
with this outfit I did. I love lace, I love red, black, and cat ears —
so this is damn near perfect. I know it seems that I dress pretty
“girly” and even maybe “conservative” ( those o...

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Avery's Closet is coming OUT OF THE CLOSET.
I, Avery Lyn, Am happy to say that I am coming back to this blog. I am so excited to get started working on this again! I can't wait to get crazy with everyone, and make it as amazing as it always should have been. Where was I? I was gone for a while, and t...

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