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Анна Ладошкина (Anna Ladoshkina)
Works at Freelancer
Attended Mosocow University of Economics and Statistics
Lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Outside view - could be useful
The Russia Donors Forum was involved in developing the law, and is now part ... today's Russia. This became clear to me at this year's EFC annual conference ...
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I've opened Google+ page for my studio @foralien bureau. I share modern ideas and practices, discuss tools and provide services for every site-owner to benefit from the latest discoveries in webdesign and development. Please, give it a view.
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funny fact: the domain is free but - is taken :)
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So WordPress 3.4 has started it's road to the wild... The is lot of buzz concerning theme customisation options... they are bight and shiny toys surely... but as for me I see at least two very important improvements to have a closer look to:
- localization improvements - admin and fron-end strings finally separated... and may be there are some other pretties under the hood
- WP_Query optimisation...
Query is WP's heart... but it's architecture suffers from some historical objectives... it's important sign that core team put their hand on it now
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it should be a good practice: when developing custom admin screen for WordPress one uses built-in CSS classes... untill they silently dropped and removed from core styles leaving you with interface messed up to hell... and only choice you have is desperately browse source code again...
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Wow! Webdesigntuts+ published the results of unordered list styling contest... Lot of great works... even small demo by yours truly named Doodle Heart :)
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Check out this exciting new WordPress-based solution for selling and delivering tickets for events.
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There is another writing of mine concerning the code organisation when developing for WordPress. I'll be happy to hear about your practices.
The evolution of WordPress creates a lot of opportunities for developers to make really unique sites and apps. But with uniqueness a problem arises - you have to organise your code wisely and in a fut...
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+Andrea Rennick  make the separate post for not to flood off-top stuff under other's post... it always delight me a lot how helpful WordPress people always are... Thank you Andrea for your help :)
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Have you tested this already? What's the impressions?
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The most awful experience I have with my writings is to come up with titles (after founding those terrible fist introductory words)... Do you have some tips - how to... how to find a right title for your own article?
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I found myself using Evernote again quite actively with their Web Clipper update and new app I've just discover - Evernote Clearly... Oh! I know about Readability and similar services but... Clearly was just so simple and so well integrated with clipping process (sometimes even select something on the site could be not so easy), so... I've desided to write about it :)
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Handcrafted webdesign & code
I am webdesigner and developer. More than anything else I love to build websites, so I know about them a lot. In my work I seek for harmony and simplicity and I’d like that every site becomes a place where visitors want to stay longer.
  • Mosocow University of Economics and Statistics
  • Московский Государственный Университет Экономики, Статистики и Информатики (МЭСИ)
Basic Information
Other names
Anna Ladoshkina
Web designer, developer, informational architect
  • Freelancer
    Web designer, developer, informational architect, present
  • Analysis, Marketing & Research
    Analyst and developer, 2007 - 2010
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
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