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Анна Ладошкина (Anna Ladoshkina)
Handcrafted webdesign & code
Handcrafted webdesign & code

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I've opened Google+ page for my studio @foralien bureau. I share modern ideas and practices, discuss tools and provide services for every site-owner to benefit from the latest discoveries in webdesign and development. Please, give it a view.

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There is another writing of mine concerning the code organisation when developing for WordPress. I'll be happy to hear about your practices.

funny fact: the domain is free but - is taken :)

+Andrea Rennick  make the separate post for not to flood off-top stuff under other's post... it always delight me a lot how helpful WordPress people always are... Thank you Andrea for your help :)

So WordPress 3.4 has started it's road to the wild... The is lot of buzz concerning theme customisation options... they are bight and shiny toys surely... but as for me I see at least two very important improvements to have a closer look to:
- localization improvements - admin and fron-end strings finally separated... and may be there are some other pretties under the hood
- WP_Query optimisation...
Query is WP's heart... but it's architecture suffers from some historical objectives... it's important sign that core team put their hand on it now

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it should be a good practice: when developing custom admin screen for WordPress one uses built-in CSS classes... untill they silently dropped and removed from core styles leaving you with interface messed up to hell... and only choice you have is desperately browse source code again...

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Wow! Webdesigntuts+ published the results of unordered list styling contest... Lot of great works... even small demo by yours truly named Doodle Heart :)
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