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100 - Indian

Yesterday was a brutal day. Just when I was going to type up a post explaining why there wasn't going to be a sketch my keyboard went out. S

095 - Shiva of the east

Shiva of the east has got to be one of my favorite looking characters ever. I think From Soft did a great job putting this character togethe

069 - Alone Knight Captain.... sorta

Okay, okay, I got the shoulder pads wrong. That's because I did this based on my character build at the time and I hadn't acquired the full

068 - Faces

I find the way I do these works best when drawing small, all of these are no bigger than 4x4. I always start with a pen to rough out the for

067 - Cold

Some more photoshop trickery

064 - Woman

I added some cg magic this time around, enjoy.

062 - Horse

In case you haven't noticed a pattern here yet, I've been studying horses for a project I'm working on. Horses are just fun to draw anyway.

058 - Akuma

So things have settled and I'm likely going to be able to squeeze in a sketch a day. Sorry for the delay, here's Akuma for your patience, sh

061 - Horse

My dad's a real horse lover and his dad before him and I've inherited that love from them to some extent. I haven't ridden a horse since I w

Portfolio stuffs part two

Here some concepts I did for a pair of projects that where cancelled, happens a lot.

033 - Carlos

30 day drawing challenge (25) 3D (3) Berserk (1) Bunnies (1) Cardboard sketches (14) Caricature (5) concept (12) DC (1) Environment (5) Fan

Khushnood Karate dos!

Khushnood Karate return!! A while back I did a painting imagining Fatal Fury's Marco Rodriguez as the next Mr. Karate after Ryo Sakazaki and

027 - Scream

I got family visiting so I didn't have time for a post yesterday and today all your getting is another Scream. Not quite what I wanted it to

026 - Mad Max

I was watching Mad Max over a friends house yesterday and man that whole series kicks ass! Mad Max, Road Warrior, Thunderdome! Classic cinem

016 - Mountains and lake - Testament progress

Another sketch of some scenery, amae as the forest ones. This was all with my right hand which is cool but I think this time around the sket

In Flames - Jotun (HQ)

Whoracle Lyrics: "I often dream of huge numb buildings, Jet-black sinister architecture Being installed when nobody sees Their appearance so


Don't mind the crease, It's just a piece of cardboard I cut out from a box

I like to draw: Storm - Punk

Storm - Punk. I love Mohawk/Punk Storm. If I ever did X-Men, I'd bring her back. I wonder if Black panther would appreciate that? Posted

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