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I uninstalled Allo.
I didn't really use it and the assistant notifications just turned into something I dismissed rather than interacted with.
It's nothing personal but unless it comes to nexus phones natively without having to fudge on its a waste of time.

I find it amusing that nexus users beta tested a feature for pixel phones #standardgoogle #googleassistant

What's your classic RTS?
Mine is Red Alert, Dungeon Keeper and Total Annihilation!


Google stuff tomorrow! Not bothered about phones or tablets!

Google WiFi and Google Home however are intriguing me!!!

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And then I came across this review on the FordPass app...

#appreviews #fordpass

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Best change log ever!

Why hasn't someone invented a wifi extender and smart bulb that plugs into a household light fitting?!

And no that's not me!

#smartbulbs #smartbulb #smartlights #iot

To the person that just spoiled star wars for me deliberately here I hate you and hope you burn! :-(

#starwars #spoilers

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Umm not sure if this is new or I'm just really late but I've just noticed this in the 6P tap and pay settings.
I have the the Barclaycard app installed

#mobilepayments #contactless #barclaycard #androidpay

Can I have some recommendations of Android podcasts that aren't +Android Central+All About Android​ and +Android Police​?
After some new content with knowledgeable people :-)

#podcasts #android

Oh and today I learned that all USB type C cables aren't all created equal!
Turns out that my new cable could kill my car charger or phone!

Suppose I better wait to buy the right thing now!

#cablegate #nexus6p #usbtypec
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