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World's first and only free-to-play authentic FIFA-branded game!
World's first and only free-to-play authentic FIFA-branded game!

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‎[Go Blue 2012 - Pro-tip #1]
You can get Chelsea Coins by Single Player Mode too!

By using a combination of Match Simulation (to save time) and Double Open (to Double your chances of getting coins), you will be able to get more coins in a shorter amount of time!!

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[Go Blue 2012!] Guess who’s back once again by popular demand? Always wanted to watch your heroes in action at one of the world football’s finest stadiums? Here’s your chance! Spread the word to all gamers!

Come here to check out how you can win an all expenses paid trip to watch Chelsea FC vs Tottenham Hotspurs LIVE on 24th March 2012.

And also, Server is LIVE! GAME ON!!!

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Scholesy is back! And now wearing the number 22, will he be able to contribute to the current injury-plagued Manchester United like he did in this video?

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What do you think after watching this video?

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‎[Punters' Prediction!] Punters' Prediction 7, 8 and 9 are out!! Check it out now!

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‎[December 2011] World Tour Match Marathon is here!

Click on the link below to find out the mechanics!!

Head to the forums and discuss about it now!

‎[Website Maintenance] There will be a scheduled web maintenance on 24th November 2011 (1000 - 1400 hrs)

Please take note that during this period, all websites, forums and top-up services will be unavailable.

‎[Y.E.S 2011] Anyone bought the 100% Enhancement protection or +7 Blue Virtual Uniform Card yet??

These items and prizes are event exclusive... So get your Uniform cards ready and start enhancing!!

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‎[Y.E.S 2011] Anyone Checked out the Cash shop yet? Discounts are up!
Check out the link to find out which are the promotion items!

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‎[Y.E.S 2011] I'm sure you guys want to know what is up for grabs for you guys for this Y.E.S 2011!

Come here to find out more on what is in for grabs for all of you!!
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