What the hell is happening here? "Ryan IT Lab" has been a pillar of the buzz community since the beginning, and a google+ booster since he's been on here. I have to admit I'm a one-eyed google fanboi, but this? This is going too far.

Google, what is going on? This account banning is the equivalent of the privacy blowout at the beginning of Buzz; you can kill Google+'s by continuing down this path.

+Ade Oshineye +Chris Chabot
Hey Google - please reinstate my friend Ryan's account:

"This is my profile, this is who I am. https://plus.google.com/118112346708818508960/posts

Ryan IT Lab also designates my unique, personal online presence. Ryan is one of the most popluar names for men, and my last name takes 3 or 4 times to pronounce correctly and it is nearly impossible to spell.

My birth name is Ryan Drewrey - and I have used this name in a bunch of Google accounts - but it is not the screen name I go by

Please reshare on Google + to as many Googlers as you know - I would like my account back up and running ASAP"
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