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A private Social Network For Your Organisation

GroupedIn is a Social Media concept that I founded in late 2012. We are a tech start-up company that developed a social network designed to improve communication and collaboration amongst employees within and across organisations.

It is a free, easy to use platform to help our users create groups and communities online, bringing the power of social networking to your company with as much ease of use as Facebook or Twitter, but designed for organisations to collaborate, share knowledge and create support and opportunities within your organisation.

Whether your company is a small start-up or has offices worldwide, GroupedIn can help your staff share content, ask questions, give feedback, discuss issues and support new ideas.

It is a social network for organisations, businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs to create private groups online.

As organisations are quietly moving away from using internal email as the primary form of communication within the company, the appeal of social networking over email is that it puts people in control of the information they see. As opposed to content continually flooding into your inbox, leaving it packed with a plethora of urgent messages, documents attached edited and re-edited and forwards and CC's all mixed up until it is a challenge to figure out what is current.

The key aim of GroupedIn is to give our users a platform to freely create groups that will flourish into online communities where ideas are shared, knowledge is transferred and issues addressed, all socially.

Access GroupedIn from anywhere with an internet connection and stay connected to your co-workers.

On GroupedIn you can:

·        Create virtual work groups and communities online

·        Engage with members of staff and gain knowledge

·        Opportunity to create productive relationships across an organisation / company and meet new members of your organisation with innovative ideas

·        Spread best practice and create opportunities

·        Share up-and-coming events, news and videos

·        Upload Files,documents, photos and videos

·        Write a post, ask questions and link to articles

·        A new resource for staff

·        Give a voice to every member of staff in your organisation

·        Reduce silos and increase the flow of information between organisational levels

·        Engage with your staff and gain knowledge, share ideas and have discussions to build a smarter, more competitive company

·        Retain that sense of community even when in different cities / different locations

·        GroupedIn makes communication faster, easier and more relevant to each person

·        Make yourself known and get noticed!

GroupedIn. A new way of working.