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If you embed YouTube videos, you'll want this link:
Iframe Player API - embed parameters

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Steamboat 3D List of Technical Services - Kent Morrison -
You are basically hiring my 30 years of IT experience; I provide comprehensive full service that emphasizes function not fashion
+ Optimized smart components for your firm's 3D catalog in 3DWarehouse.
+ 3D Design for technical, architectural, training applications, and PV Solar
+ Online interactive and dynamic mapping, and rich data visualization, based on sophisticated web technologies
+ Web Development - Clean, automated, responsive sites built in Joomla v3, and SEO optimized - maintainer training and manual provided as required.
+Linux/Unix systems administration (since SCO Xenix era) currently specializing in CentOS servers
+Small/Medium IT office methods for low-maintenance and self-sufficient operations. Affordable climate optimized server room design.
+Automation of technical data transfers (AutoCAD scripts, MySQL import/export, Fusion Tables integrated with Forms, etc)
+Professional grade photography, emphasis on historic, landscape, and architectural
+Panorama photographs viewable on the web using all devices, for a variety of applications.
Related Qualifications:
- Google Certified Geo3D Developer
- Google Certified KML Developer
- Trimble Certified Content Developer
3D Design
Computer Cleanup
IT Technical Services
Web Development
Office IT Services

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Web Designers - check this example:

I consider this to be the perfect web site.
Colorful, informative, fun, pretty, not too busy, works great on all devices.

And most important of all:
Delivers information effectively !

Wonderful Halos

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The United Nations has been infiltrated by terrorists.
Time to clean house.

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Christmas Lunch for one old bachelor - Merry Christmas !

Garlic/Lemon roasted turkey
Green Beans seasoned with greek olives
Saffron Rice

Champagne in a Flintstones Mug !

Antique Note:
This is the TREEMendous Flintstones Mug, one of a set of four
Dated 1993 - a McDonalds promotional gift
Made in France

When we moved into our new home (townhouse) on Old Fish Creek Falls Road in Steamboat Springs in 1999, these mugs were the only thing in the kitchen cabinet.
I had to rescue them, wife wanted to throw them away.
Our daughter grew up in that house, right through high school and college, pets and plants and you know the narrative.

When my wife left to care for her parents, and I inhabited that house alone for several years, I got in the habit of posting my foodie pix with beverage "in a Flintstones Mug !".

Some of my "foodie fans" have fixated on the Flintstones Mugs.
I do not blame them, I too have fixated.

They have become one of the only real heirlooms that I retain from those days.
The Flintstones mugs have become a source of comfort and continuity for me.
Stupid as that is...

We are thankful for all Blessings of this life.
I didn't mean to take you up all your sweet time

I'll give it right back to you one, of these days

I said, I didn't mean to take you up all your sweet time

I'll give it right back to you, one of these days

And if I don't meet you no more in this world

Then I'll, I'll meet you in the next one

And don't be late, don't be late

- Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child


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The pond
Christmas Eve 2016

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The scumbag has a FB page, a Youtube page, and a web site.
He specializes in fomenting hate and fear and war mongering.
He is a world class scumbag
Go tell him what you think of him and his bullshit incitement to riot
THANKS to Ryan Davis for the expose video !

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Want to advertise in a ski town ?
Thousands of hits a day in ski season.
Rates as low as $3.00 per day for a banner ad !
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Drug Warning !
Over the counter Naprosyn / Naproxen Sodium
I have been struggling with severe back pain since NOV 10.
Among other therapies, I got a bottle of generic Naproxen Sodium gelcaps. This is the active ingredient in Aleve.

I will not list the side-effects and negative reactions that I have had, some of them quite alarming, some of them just nasty.

I realize that this drug must not do these things to most other people. It wasn't allergic type reaction, but still very severe, very scary, and the worst is:
It added a full 5 days to my recovery time.

I'm on the road to wellness now, but I'll never take Naproxen again, and when my back pain is gone, I have plans to take this bottle of it to the rifle range and administer the Mozambique technique. That will be real satisfying.
That is all.

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A few photos from the calm, quiet forest.
Above 9000'

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