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DL Thurston
Writer of fiction, brewer of beer, eater of food.
Writer of fiction, brewer of beer, eater of food.


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Oh, hey, Google+. Been awhile. Here, have some pictures of my daughter enjoying her first birthday cupcake.
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I'm dubious about Now You See Me. Look, one of my favorite movies is about stage magicians (The Prestige), but in that movie most of the magic tricks are explains, but with Now You See me...gah, I'm just not sure. If it turns out that the movie is supposed to be urban fantasy, and the magic tricks aren't supposed to be possible, that's one thing. But if stage magic, rather than fantasy magic, is a major plot element of a movie, I want the stage magic to be plausible. Even if the plausibility is "because Tesla."
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Arlington Central Library is probably my favorite book sale here in Northern Virginia. Amazing non-fiction selection, and 50¢ for trade paperbacks. 25¢ on the last day of the sale. I've seen people checking out with six or seven paper boxes full of those cheep paperbacks, and I've heard from the volunteers that folks come by on the last day and clear entire tables. It's probably a quick way to get stock for a used book store, turn them for a profit.

But don't think I'm not tempted to just go with $5-10 tomorrow and indiscriminately buy paperbacks. Just grab as many as I can, not care about the titles or the authors. Make it a challenge, give myself 6 months to read them and donate them back to the sale.

If I didn't already have more books in the house than I'll ever read. And if I wasn't already in the middle of a big reading challenge.
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Thought: Washington DC baseball fans owe an odd debt of gratitude to team flipper Jeff Loria. Oh, don't get me wrong, he's a cancer on the sport who has run two franchises into the ground. But, well...

The first franchise he destroyed ended up moving to Washington DC, giving us a team to cheer for. The franchise he's now actively destroying is a division mate, giving the Nats at least a handful of easier games while working through the grueling NLE.


Oh, and apparently Google+ still exists. I should post here more.
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Put 15,000 people into a ship, give them 1153 years of reproducing, and it's amazing the difference made by just slight changes in population growth rates.

0.1% 47,488
0.2% 150,167
0.3% 474,315
0.4% 1,496,450
0.5% 4,715,855
1.0% 1,440,904,609

Compound interest can be a bitch sometimes.
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Today on the blog, I relate my current obsession with relearning world history with writing.
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Tabloids at the checkout are saying that OJ Simpson put on of the Kardasian girls in his will. While supermarket tabloids aren't the most notable source of actual news, I will say that if I were infamous enough for people to care about my will, that's probably the exact sort of thing I would do.
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There's a moment that I understand every parent, especially first timers, goes through. You go to the nursery with the discharge papers, they show you how to put your newborn into his or her carseat then...they let you leave. Just walk right out with this baby, this little life that you have only 18 short years to mold into a functioning member of society. With little more than a "buckle them like this, and tighten the straps like this."

For anyone who hasn't seen the news elsewhere, I brought home my baby daughter this week. I think the best card I got was the one that read "You did it! You made a baby! Now comes the hard part, making an adult."
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We just went out to break down Queen Victoria's old hive. Still had some bees hanging around, some were even bringing back pollen this morning. However, nothing was stored, so anything they were bringing back the hive was immediately eating. They are now homeless "field bees," who will either find another hive, subsist on just what they can scrounge up for themselves, or perish. Hoping they find their way into Reina Kickass's healthier hive. Any extra workers will help that hive prep for winter.

Kickass hive is already chewing away at the newspaper, which means the hive merger is going well.
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