Here's to hoping Isabel is found safe.

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UPDATED at 5:30pm PT 4/22 (originally posted 4:35pm PT 4/21)

I am collecting updates as I get them. Keep checking back and copy what you need. Police are saying that it is less likely Isabel wondered it it important to keep photo moving.

PRESS CONFERENCE held at 2pm PT is here on KOLD's website:

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#MISSING : 6 year old #Tucson girl #IsabelCelis

6 year old Tucson girl Isabel Mercedes Celis was last seen at 11pm PST Friday when her parents put her to bed. #Pray #FindIsabel #missingchildren #missingchild

-Tucson Police say Isabel's parents reported that last time they saw her was at 11pm on Friday April 20th.
-They reported her missing at approximately 8am on Saturday April 22.
-Her home is located at East Broadway Boulevard and Craycroft Road near Park Place Mall in Tucson.

Isabel Celis, a first grader, weighs 44 lbs and is 3'8 tall.
She has brown hair and hazel eyes.
She is missing one bottom and top tooth.
Even if you are not in Tucson you may know someone, who knows someone.

-Authorities calling the case a "suspicious disappearance and possible abduction," according to Sgt. Maria Hawke with the Tucson Police Department.

-"The disappearance triggered a massive search today by scores of police, FBI agents and a large contingent of deputy U.S. Marshals".

-Due to the nature of the disappearance, police asked for “all hands on deck” and called in more than 75 officers, including K-9 and air units, Hawke said.

-Less likely that Isabel wandered off, according to Hawke.

-The Police have many leads and continue to follow up on.

-TUCSON NBC affiliate KVOA News 4 Tucson has a crew at the scene and reports that there is significantly less law enforcement activity in the area Sunday morning.

>>>>>from KVOA>>>>

"We're really surprised or shocked that anything like this could happen to our family," the girl's uncle, Justin Mastromarino

Neighbors say they can't understand how something like this could happen to the Celis family.

"They're amazing people. They're very nice very sweet (and) outgoing," neighbor Jerry Pike said.

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3 #PHOTOS of her here at KGUN 9 in Tucson's website

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