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Tosyn Bucknor
Tosyn Bucknor aka "The Voice of Lagos" and the "Areaaaa Boss". Music stage name is "CON.tra.diction".
Tosyn Bucknor aka "The Voice of Lagos" and the "Areaaaa Boss". Music stage name is "CON.tra.diction".

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Hello. This video is by BOLDEN USA

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My weekly #vlog is up now

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#DailyNews #podcast!
Do s.h.a.r.e

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New #blogpost

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#Gettingtoknowyou... Ugovinna!
Hello Welcome to the first ever 'Getting to know' series on our blog. For now i am doing the interviews so i wanted to start with some of my favourite artistes. Now a lot of people might have first stumbled on Ugochukwu Oluwadamilare Nwaokobia (we will stil...

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Here is today's daily news podcast...
What's Happening Naija?

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Daily news #podcast with ebola scare,Naija police in court,how some cyber cafes are scamming JAMB candidates and more

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#Saturday got me sitting over here, thinking of a simple line, "Do it with love".

One of the most important but often difficult thing to think about when dealing with people is "how will they feel?".

We get busy, upset or so caught up that sometimes our interaction with people is often direct and abrupt.

If you can, leave people feeling empowered and happy, not broken.

Whether you're correcting, communicating or just plain ol' kicking it, do it with love.

(Rule may not apply when driving in Lagos)

#365Tosyn #365Thought #365DaysOfThought

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The guys at #AlternativeMusicNaija   checked out Aramide's cover of "I'm going down" by Mary J Blige and here is what they thought

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Aramide's cover of Mary J Blige is bringing shivers down our spine
It is funny that when you speak to some artistes about covers, they have such a dismissive tone when covers are, instead of being evidence of inability to create, evidence of respect and your talent. We have lately stumbled upon so many covers we like, like...
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