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Pithy is not my thing.
Pithy is not my thing.

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Harassment reporting and mapping -
To report To see the (still forming) map

Brought to you by the folks who do other kinds of crisis mapping at the standby task force and others

The reports are still pretty light but this instance was released this morning.

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I love trashy romance novels. This is about one that I love more than the rest. [TL/DR Someone wrote a good romance starring a trans woman]

I don't talk about it often, they are kind of a dirty little secret and something that I know people will think less of me for enjoying.

But I do. And often, perhaps even usually they are problematic. Romance novels have a reputation for being poor on consent, feminism, classism and for so much else.

Like most readers I use a combination of enjoying problematic things anyway and looking for the authors who manage to work around these problems.

Courtney Milan was already in my "must read" pile. She started off with a series of historical romance novels that dealt directly with classism and had independent heroines and forget historical accuracy because this is supposed to be something you enjoy. Sometimes someone gives you something you have been wanting all your life and you just don't realize it until it happens. This was one of those times for me.

But I finished that series and a little reluctantly decided to read her next series. This one was contemporary which isn't isn't a problem, but it was about a very rich man.

And this is where I do a little digression, about modern romances. There has been a trend, it might have been around before 50 shades of gray but I only really noticed it after, of novels starring billionaires and the like. They are often quite bad. I don't want to dwell on bad art in discussing good, but you need to know that books like "Raising the Billionaire's Baby" are real things that are out there and not satire.

So when Milan wrote a book with a hero who was the son of an apple-esque tech giant CEO and a heroine who was a poor college student, well it set off alarm bells and I was not so excited about it. I was wrong. She used the set up to critique the trope having the exploration of class issues be one of, if not the central issue of the book. It was good!

But this isn't about that book. Not only am I writing about a romance novel to people I KNOW probably mostly don't read them, I am writing about the second book in a series!

In this one the hero is a scientist. The heroine is a student (in a different program!) whose brother is a colleage. They meet IRL and fight horribly because he assumes she is a lightweight. At the same time they have a longstanding, respectful and serious text based relationship around the heroine's blog.

The story drifts but deals seriously if quickly with survivor's guilt and the impact of suicide, the social effects of an academic career, the lasting impacts of family of birth rejection and femme shaming in STEM.

All of this and a story about a trans woman where transition is not an issue, just a past detail that doesn't shy away from that character having hot sex.

I am just thrilled. Ok these kids are really young and if I think about it too hard I feel like a dirty old lady, but this makes me so happy that it is a thing that exists and you can just go read.

If you haven't read a romance novel lately, you might consider doing just that
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It is a time where I feel those connections. The state where I was born and raised. A community I am part of.

But I have another connection, I was also part of the Florida Emergency Management team for three years.

I might not know the names and faces of the people responding (but I might, I have some suspicions about who is there) but I know that culture and that team.

It means I have confidence that things are being taken care of and people are being supported and everything that can be done is in a way most people cannot.

People I care about are in the hands of people I know or I trust. I am lucky.

I only say that because I hope that can bring some comfort to others in this time.

Yes Rick Scott is an asshole, but he signed the order, now it is in the hands of DEM and that is a team I believe in
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Orlando Pulse Club, a gay club, had someone come in and shoot people. Some reports say wearing a bomb.

50 people are dead now.

Casualties of a war with no battlelines.
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Last night was day 1 of Stims for our last IVF round
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So we have the final cycle starting the 17th. That means no coffee so I went to the fancy Starbucks for a last fancy cup.
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The value of announced and predictable change- AKA Why I hate ZIP codes

Today someone was looking for housing data by zipcode.   I hate ZIP codes.  Well I don't hate them they are decent geographic units that most people have some sense about (unlike census geography like block groups which most people don't have any sense of)

I strongly suggested that they reconsider and do the analysis by block group.  This is for a couple of reasons, but they are all related.  In general serious geographic data is stored by census geography, using ZIP codes means conversion.  In general people who deal with serious demographic data from a spatial perspective are suspicious of any analysis done on ZIP codes.  But these are both really kind of symptoms of the bigger problem.

Zip Codes Change.  

Census geography does too (they try to keep block groups at around 600-3,000 people) but it changes every ten years on a predictable schedule with geographic revisions carefully noted and historical data mostly back tabulated to reflect the new boundaries.  This predictable change is VERY important when you are trying to look at timespan data.

Zip Codes change when the post office decides they need to for postal, political, or other reasons.  It isn't a regular timetable and while it is announced to the households who are undergoing the change finding a statewide, much less a nationwide diff file is really hard.

It is totally common for people who don't think about the geographic nature of demographic data to compare zip codes when at least one code involved has changed over the period being analyzed.  It is so common that I tend to assume that IS the case for any ZIP code analysis.

Changes often happen as suburbs become urban, but they have also happened in rural areas where there have been pushes to readdress for reverse 911, sometime urban zips just grow too much.  Change you don't understand or can't document is just a feature I have come to expect with ZIP code based analysis.

So even if you are not a data geek or a GIS person there is something you can learn here too- there is a real value in data analysis to have a predictable change cycle for any units or subdivisions you create so that they can be accounted for in your forward projections.

This is often a thing people don't think of, especially when you are dealing with "hidden geography" like business divisions by management structure or delivery routes, but it is worth it to think about how you change and how you might make that more predictable and easier to account for in analysis 

(The picture is a graph of each zip code attache to the next numerically higher one after the state prefix and the first locality number so XX101 connects to XX102 and so forth but XX199 does not connect to XX200 it gives you a feel for how they cluster and related to geography from
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Well egg retrieval went well, but I had a complication.

First the good news. 18 egg, 12 mature, 11 fertilized.

Next the not so fun. At around 6 I started having some shooting pain. About an hour later I had amazing dou led over pain.

We thought it might be a quirk so called the doctor and took the oxycodine I had been avoiding.

About an hour later it happened again, Dana looked at me doubled over and then panting on all fours and we went to the close by ER.

I had two more really bad episodes in the ER before they got IV pain meds in me. Then I was OK enough for an ultrasound.

That showed I had fluid (blood) in the peritoneal cavity, something that appently pissed my body right off.

So I was stable enough to move to the hospital where my Reproductive Endo had admitting privileges which was done though very uneventful medical transport.

They keep checking my red blood cell count and it is getting better and I am on oral pain meds. I will probably be home tonight but the doctor has to come by and write a physical prescription because drug laws before I can go

So yeah, I fine now, just had a really dramatic day
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Egg Retrieval number 3 completed and 18 eggs sucked  out.  That is a 50% improvement on the next highest number so I am pleased

We get the fertilization report  tommrow and then we have asked to just hear the final outcome :) 
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Day 10 went it for another shot of my ovaries. They are, unsurprisingly, still there. And full of eggs the largest of which is 25mm

So tonight at almost midnight we trigger

36 hours later is egg retrieval
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