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Power Rangers 2017 Movie [Review]
The TV series of Power Rangers is always good fun, and
the suits and story were usually pretty colourful and fun. A few seasons took a
more serious side with the story, and even in the more light-hearted ones there
were some serious moments. But no-one real...

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Nintendo Switch: This Just Got Everywhere [Gaming]
It's been over a week since the Switch was first released, and already it's doing better than the Wii U. A lot of build-up for the console went a long way to securing good sales, for both games and the console itself. And what a console this thing is. The s...

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March '17 Monthly Update [Network]
Last month I teased something new that would be released to the Kindle Store either this month or next. In this update, I can now unveil that. Over three years ago, I had an original story running called TV and Film Residential Camp. It was a story about th...

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A Look Inside the Morphing Grid - Power Rangers Zeo / Turbo [TV and Film]
After that ridiculously long post of Mighty Morphin', I'm glad all of these will now be less than a hundred episodes to cover. With the next two series, it was clear Saban was trying to push for bigger changes more quickly to allow the popularity of the fra...

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Sonic Generations: Solidifying Interest in the Series Forever
It was not long after April 18 2011, when the first Sonic Generations trailer was released, that something inside clicked. I had been with Sonic for ten years now, but only as a general fan. I hardly took notice of any games, hadn't played most of the games...

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February '17 Monthly Update [Network]
Just a slight change to the title of these monthly updates to give clear indication of what they are. Clarity is key, after all. I said I wanted to start uploading some Sonic Generations videos in the run-up to Sonic Mania's release, but my laptop is no lon...

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A Look Inside the Morphing Grid - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers [TV and Film]
As I said in this month's Update, I was never an active watcher, and the point at which I started - Dino Thunder - was effectively The Force Awakens to A New Hope. Familiar with its concepts but presenting them in a new approach. From an evil Ranger who tur...

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Nintendo Switch Hands-on [Gaming]
After a very early morning, and with the weather still being bitterly cold, Hayden and I made our way from Stoke-on-Trent to London in roughly an hour and a half. Euston to Hammersmith on the Underground, then it was a wait to get in. There was a large crow...

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Nintendo Switch Presentation [Gaming]
So let me just say this. In reality, I knew this presentation would be just a recap and new stuff. How could it not be when the main focus was on the business side of things. What we did get was some interesting stuff. And teases galore. It began with a rec...

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The New Year of '17 [Network]
With the rebrand complete, the Cyber Digital Services name will no longer be appearing for any network updates. Instead, as you can see, it's just a simple Network tag. As for expanding what I said when I posted the next part to Crossover Corruption, everyt...
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