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adam gallardo
Sometime comics writer, full-time stay-at-home dad.
Sometime comics writer, full-time stay-at-home dad.

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Hey! We're back!
via GIPHY Did anyone miss me...?

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Northwest Comics Fest!
This weekend, August 15th and 16th, I will be a guest at the inaugural Northwest Comics Fest . The brainchild of Casey Ocupe, the Fest looks like it should be a blast. Check out the story featured on OregonLive this week for a few more details. I'll be at b...

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Old music and writing, plus numbers
I've been having good writing days lately. I contribute a good bit of this to my strict lack of writing rituals. I've written briefly about this before. I used to ritualize the act of writing, and I've cut out all of that nonsense. Well, almost. If I have a...

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50,000 and a late announcement
My latest work-in-progress is a fantasy novel titled Sowing Serpent's Teeth . I just hit 50,000 words, so I'd guess I'm about 50% through this beast. This seems like a good time to start recording my progress on the book. This is something I did with Zombur...

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Wasn't there some sort of contest going on?
Last night I had my
son, Oscar, help me draw names from a literal hat to determine the
winners of the little contest I had going. Remember, there were ten
signed cover flats up for grabs and one lucky person won a signed ARC
of Zomburbia , my debut YA novel...

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Kirkus reviews Zomburbia
As stated in the headline, Kirkus have reviewed, mostly favorably, Zomburbia. Pasted below is the full text of that review. KIRKUS REVIEWS ZOMBURBIA Author: Adam Gallardo PULL QUOTE “Comics author Gallardo nails her voice—likable yet self-absorbed… the inte...

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New musical crush #1 in a series
It seems like my capacity to develop crushes on musicians is pretty much limitless. Valerie June is one of a couple of new acts (new to me at least) that I've had on heavy rotation as I've been writing lately. And since I've spent so much of the last month ...
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