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Geir Ove Alnes
Co-founder of Way North Studios
Co-founder of Way North Studios

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Website for our in-development indie RPG The Tavern is now live.

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Just thought I'd share some screenshots from the project I'm working on. It's an online RPG called The Tavern, being made in Unity, and we've just put up a website for it with some details about the game, screenshots etc. No release date yet.
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I would like to know who at Google decided it was a good idea to have cover photos on profiles cover the entire damn screen. And then I would like to give them a swift kick to the backside with a steel-tipped boot.

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When I move back to Norway in a couple of months, I'll lose access to parts of Google Play, specifically the Books and Magazines sections. This makes me a sad panda :(

Got bored while waiting for Tuesday to arrive, so I ordered a Nexus 7 from Google Play. In hindsight, I realize that Tuesday will arrive before said Nexus will, so I'm back to square one.

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This is beyond awesome.
Did you play Day of the Tentacle? Or any adventure game of the type that don't seem to get made anymore? Then you'll probably be interested in backing this project on Kickstarter!

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Software patents need to go. Now. Completely. Seriously, Apple/US Patent Office; WTF!?

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I encountered a squirrel on the sidewalk on my way to work this morning, and proceeded to have a ~10 second long staring contest with it from about 1 1/2 meters away. It stared right back without doing anything but occasionally nibbling on something it held in its... paws? hands? (they have thumbs)... until I took out my cellphone to take a picture, at which point I guess the staring contest was null and void.

It did pause to pose for the camera before it ran off and climbed a tree, though.

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This just in! The Norwegian companies Coop Norge and Platekompaniet seem to have confirmed a connection between "violent computer games" and terrorist-attacks after hearing that Anders Behrin Breivik wrote in his infamous manifest that he'd been a World of Warcraft and Call of Duty-player, and they have therefore removed these violent games (and others like them) from the shelves in their stores for an unspecified period of time, and are considering whether to ever bring them back.

No word on whether they will be removing all violent movies from their shelves as well.

(Link in Norwegian only, sorry. Google Translate is your friend, though)
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