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East coast sketches
I recently traveled to the east coast to visit family. While there I had a few opportunities (a very few) to do some sketching. The obstacles were what you might expect: Weather was one; family commitments another. Family always take precedence but weather ...

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Taking advantage of a break in the weather....Portland rain!
For the past several weeks of rain one or possibly a part of another day has been dry-ish. I  have been frustrated, as I my preference is to be outside sketching and not inside sketching. On those dry days I am anxious to get out and do something. Here are ...

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Monday sketches
For some time I and two other sketchers have been meeting on Mondays to sketch together. This has great appeal, as it is fun to sketch with others and it makes you commit to being present and sketching. The additional sharing allows you to see other techniq...

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Sketches since the last time I posted
I have been doing a bit of black and grey tones on white paper lately. This new approach has come from an interesting mechanical pencil that I received over the holiday. It has a pretty soft lead...probably a 2B or higher and and is very thick, about 1/4". ...

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Recent sketches
This is a collection of sketches done in my very small (3"x4") Pentalic that I carry in my purse and some other larger sketches from the past couple of weeks. In the alley behind Henry's Tavern- watercolor and ink thumbnail sketch Powells cafe Powells cafe ...

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Portland sketching at an old foundry
This place was awesome. Huge factory structure with a left behind heavy punch press. There were so many things to sketch. It might be possible to revisit this site and explore some more of its details...but for now it was the big punch press that stood out ...

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Some recents sketches
October in Portland was not the best this year. Turns out it became the wettest October in Portland's history. However here and there and into November the weather turned out to be pretty good for sketching. I resolved to take advantage when possible. Here ...

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Portland parks in NW Portland
Last Saturday I again headed for the Fields to sketch. It was good to see several other sketchers join me there along with a ton of people and booths and activities around the Portland Aids Walk. I was not too enthused about sketching the people so I only d...

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The Fields- Portland
I spent all of this morning on several sketches of this one view. I did various thumbnails and prep sketches but they just didn't come out the way I wanted them to. I was trying to get the  proportions of the two buildings and surrounding cranes and finally...

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Monday morning sketching- Portland Firehouses
At Janene's suggestion a couple of weeks ago we have decided to seek out firehouses to sketch. This week we (Janene, Vicky and I) were in my neighborhood sketching one on NW 24th between Johnson and Kearney (a previous post has a firehouse in the Woodlawn a...
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