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anyone going to Call of Duty: XP?
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I think Bobby is. I just think I've lost interest in the franchise.

Did you get hte latest map pack? I passed because I hated their celebrity zombie level on teh last one, but if you say its good and will play with me I will consider it.
I did get the latest map pack because I'm a sucker. Of the four multiplayer maps, only two are worth playing over and over, which are Hazard and Drive-In. The other two are retarded because they tried to do too much with it and basically, people with shotguns are ruling those maps, and there was no originality. The new zombie map pack, which isn't much better than the celebrity one, is so-so. It's not a very big map, there's lots of verticality. The monkey bombs are back, not a lot of hiding places, and the wunderwaffle gun is a gun that shrinks the zombies so when you walk over them when they're shrunken, you kick them. Overall, C grade for Annihilation.
What was the name of that game that was going to allow to reverse gravity? is that coming out soon? That looked worth getting.
No clue, mw3 will be my next game
Nope - I don't deal well with the crowds, completely filled in my x-men collection gaps at hte vendors last year and Eric Powell doesn't have a panel this year to show more goon footage.The truth? No one is footing the bill for me.
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