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Dave Konopka
I like rain. I like ham. I like you.
I like rain. I like ham. I like you.

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Have you thought about proposing a session for Devopsdays Philadelphia in October 2016 but still aren't sure about it? This hangout is the place to get answers to your questions and get feedback to help you make an awesome proposal.

More details on submitting a proposal:

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Are you a web person? Do you dabble in the mystical arts of the intarwebs? Do you like discounted adult beverages and/or craft beers? Maybe you'd like to meet up with some like minded people and make some contacts in the industry. If you do, I have just the thing for you! The Philadelphia chapter of Build Guild will be having their monthly meetup this coming Wednesday, September 21st, over at Triumph Brewery in Old City, Philly. +Dave Konopka and myself will be there from 6-8pm, you should come and meet everyone, a good time will be had! And if you have a mustache, your first beer is on me*! Visit our site and RSVP through our Anyvite if you can make it out. We'd love to have you!

* First beer limited to first 5 people with a real valid mustache, women included.
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