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Hello dear

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Hey, do we know each other?
TEKNOLOGI KOSMETIK ALAF BARU YANG TERKINI & MUTAKHIR  KRIM FIRMAX3, O2MAX3 & SOULMAX3 Krim FIRMAX-3 ialah formulasi sempurna dan diakui sebagai pemulih hormon semulajadi yang terbaik. Bintang baru dalam bio-perubatan yang lebih efektif dan berkesan. Menggun...

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love it

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Visiting  Etosha
National Park  is one of Namibia's most exceptional
adventures. This wildlife sanctuary of over 27,000 square kilometers has a
protected status that stretches back over a hundred years. Etosha provides a
new experience even for seasoned wil...

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Etosha National Park Warnings and Dangers
Do not show your pictures
to the lion Watching animals becomes exiting and in the process
one might forget the dangers accompanying the activity. These are wild animals
with reflexes of a lightning sometimes within a couple of meters of your
vehicle so prec...

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When is the right time to visit Etosha National Park?
                                                Visit Etosha National Park in January The weather in January tends to represent the start of the wet
season. Generally speaking conditions should really start to deteriorate, with
increasingly prolonged period...

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The Etosha Pan
The Etosha Pan The Etosha Pan is a vast, bare, open expanse of shimmering green and white that covers around 4,800km², almost a quarter of the  beautiful Etosha National Park . At 130 km’s long and up to 50km’s wide in places, it is comfortably the  largest...

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Etosha’s Wildlife
                                        Etosha’s Wildlife It is hardly a secret that  Etosha’s best game viewing  is at the many  waterholes scattered throughout the park . Especially during the dry winters most species rely on these permanent water sources...

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The below Map is for the the route to Etosha National Park. The below Map it shows the routes to different places inside the Etosha National Park.
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