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Dragons don't like being cold.
Dragons don't like being cold.

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My graduating class from high school was 42 people. Because it was so small, the school requested the parents, if they so chose, to write a letter to their graduate that would be read during the ceremony. I don't remember much of my parents' letter, but they signed it with "Live Long and Prosper." How nerdy is that?! But I had hung out with the D&D players, talked games, and received my first personal computer as a graduation gift. It fit. I'm a geek girl, and I have  #nothingtoprove

Ordered more awesome lip balm from +Harena's Handmade Soap (And other things too!) and then after I got my order, realized I hadn't ordered extra for my mom. (Who loves the stuff, too. yay!)

I guess I have to order more! Oh darn.

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Sometimes soaps don't come out in "perfect" condition and therefore I don't feel comfortable selling them at full price. To that end, I created a Scratch'n'Dent section of my Etsy store so's I could sell 'em at a discount.

I just added two of my Xmas trees to it as a well as 5 of the Heart soaps. Yay, Discounted Soap!

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Don't forget to call!

NORAD's tracking Santa!


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Please be choosy with your community invites

Folks, please don't send out invites to your entire circles list. I'm getting enough invites that they're choking out the stream of stuff I'm trying to follow. Choose wisely! Thanks.

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Pass these out with (or instead of) candy!

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Finally made the "Get Back On The Horse" (after the Disaster Batch of Doomy-Doom) batch of soap today, the first in a (hopefully) series of three seasonal batches!

Speaking of the Disaster Batch of Doomy-Doom, that soap has proven to be perfectly serviceable (I've been using it in the shower for the past month with no problems!), just Very Very Ugly. I have it in my Etsy Shop at a discount if anyone is interested!

4oz size bar is priced at $2.00, 6oz at $3.00

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If you're a HAM, you should participate!

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